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One or two sleepless nights can leave us all a little cranky. But when those nights become the rule for a month or more, we're staring into the sleepy eyes of insomnia, a frustrating, all-too-common condition for at least 40 million Americans.
By Annie Graves
Learning how to get wavy hair helps you spice up your style without having to go through the process of getting a perm. It's fun to change your hair to suit your mood or for a special occasion. 
By Teresa Hall
A common mistake made in financial planning is not understanding what the IRS looks at when collecting the federal estate tax off the value of your estate. Doing your homework ahead of time will save your family a lot of monetary headaches.
By Astrid Chevalier
The symptoms of bursitis can appear more frequently as you get older, and knowing how to recognize this condition can help you discuss it with your doctor.
By Teresa Hall
In contrast with erosion, weathering breaks down hard rock without the benefit of forces in motion. It depends on chemical and mechanical processes, instead.
By Jamie Douglas
What are your greatest strengths? What are your greatest weaknesses? Name the biggest problem you've ever faced in the workplace. How did you solve that problem?
By Caroline Roberts
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