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Queen-size mattresses are comfortable and offer plenty of space for average size people. These mattresses do have some disadvantages.
By Connie Earl Robertson
By Lauren Bove
Whether it's a dozen close friends at a bridal shower, a graduation party for your son or a Super Bowl extravaganza, there are many instances in life when you'll be called on to entertain a large crowd of people. The idea of entertaining a crowd may send some people into a high panic, but entertaining a crowd does not have to be difficult if you are able to plan ahead. 
By Jennifer Maughan
Want to learn how to become a substitute teacher? Substitute teaching is a stepping stone to a career in education, or it can be good part-time work for moms who want the same hours as their kids.
By Rachel Mork
After a long day in the office, sometimes you just want to relax. These recipes will help out with delicious dinner ideas that can be made quickly from start to finish in the microwave.
By Aaron Baer Harsha
Solve a museum mystery when you play Poptropica and beat Counterfeit Island in this popular game.
By Marie Lorraine
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