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Slaughterhouse Five is a controversial novel that has been banned numerous times.
By Shelly Barclay
Here are five common reasons for breastfeeding problems and what you can do to resolve them.
By Maeve Rich
Cat paws have a bad habit of scratching where they shouldn't. These tips will help you control scratching and convince your feline friend to avoid destructive scratching.
By Jenney Cheever
The condition of nails reflect the quality of tissue production in the body as nails are considered to be the waste product of bones (asthi dhatu) Healthy nails are pink,smooth and evenly shaped. Healthy nails are often a sign of good health, while bad nails are often a tip off to more serious problems.
By Rebecca Mikulin
The symptoms of bursitis can appear more frequently as you get older, and knowing how to recognize this condition can help you discuss it with your doctor.
By Teresa Hall
Why is muscular endurance important? Get all of the details about why certain types of athletes opt for training programs that promote muscular endurance.
By Rose Clearfield
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