John Grisham Books Turned Into Movies

John Grisham books are known for being exciting and complex legal thrillers. Nine of his novels have been turned into major movies. In fact, his second novel and first hit, The Firm, had the movie rights purchased before it was even published.

The Firm (1993)
The Firm was Grisham's first big success and the 1993 movie was a huge hit. The tale is about a lawyer who lands a dream job with a big firm that turns out to have many dark secrets. The movie starred Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman.

The Pelican Brief (1993)
The Pelican Brief, starring Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington, became another Grisham hit in 1993. The story revolves around a young law student (Roberts) who discovers the truth behind the recent assassinations of two Supreme Court Justices and the journalist (Washington) who wants her story.

The Client (1994)
Grisham's third hit novel was adapted into a major movie in 1994. Starring Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones, The Client involves a young boy who witnesses a suicide. The boy hires a lawyer to protect him from the district attorney trying to use him as a pawn to take down the mob.

A Time to Kill (1996)
A Time to Kill was Grisham's first novel, but the movie rights weren't purchased until his following three books had become hit movies. The 1996 hit starred Sandra Bullock and Mathew McConaughey in a story about a lawyer representing a father who murdered the men responsible for a brutal attack on his daughter.

The Chamber (1996)
The Chamber was adapted from Grisham's novel and released in 1996. Starring Chris O'Donnell and Gene Hackman, the story revolves around a young lawyer trying to save his racist grandfather from an impending state execution.

The Rainmaker (1997)
The Rainmaker became Grisham's sixth hit movie in 1997. It starred Matt Damon and Danny DeVito as a young lawyer and his salty partner who take on a corrupt insurance company represented by a major law firm.

A Painted House (2003)
A Painted House was Grisham's first movie outside the legal thriller genre. The 2003 film starred Scott Glen and Arija Bareikis as part of a family of cotton farmers struggling through a dramatic summer in 1952. 

The Runaway Jury (2003)
The Runaway Jury was Grisham's third movie starring Gene Hackman. The 2003 movie also starred John Cusack and Dustin Hoffman in a tale about a male juror and his girlfriend who work to manipulate a trial involving a famous gun manufacturer.

Skipping Christmas/Christmas With the Kranks (2004)
Skipping Christmas was another of the few Grisham pieces set outside the world of lawyers. The novel became the 2004 family comedy movie, Christmas with the Kranks, starring Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. The cute story revolves around a couple who decide to skip Christmas when they discover their daughter won't be visiting over winter break. However, when she turns up unexpectedly, the couple scrambles to create a last-minute Christmas.

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Find articles about John Grisham, including a John Grisham biography, list of John Grisham books and information about John Grisham books that have been adapted into movies.

Find articles about John Grisham, including a John Grisham biography, list of John Grisham books and information about John Grisham books that have been adapted into movies.

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