Common Art Deco Colors

What are some common Art Deco colors? There are certain hues that came to dominate the popular art deco style that revolutionized architecture.

A baby of the 1920s, art deco was a thorough representation of the times. The decade brought new dance styles and shorter skirts. The times were racy. Automobiles roared through the countryside. An airplane actually crossed the Atlantic, bringing two continents closer together than ever. King Tut's tomb was opened with all of its magnificent treasures. Machines and mechanization provided more goods at a lower cost.

All of this was featured in the art and architecture of the times. Art deco designs were powerful and streamlined and featured gears, hubcaps and Egyptian hieroglyphs. Even buildings looked liked they were moving.

The crash of 1929 and the following depression impacted art deco by making the art and architecture appear even stronger. Nationalism also played a part in art deco works as the world moved towards the brink of World War II.

In the midst of this, color played an important part of art deco art and architecture.

Common Art Deco Colors
Today, many people associate art deco colors with the pink pastels of South Beach in Miami. The bright pink, yellow, blue and green pastels of tropical art deco are certainly among the colors of the Art Deco palette. However, these colors only represent a portion of the range of colors used in Art Deco works.

Art deco colors can be described as being rich and cool. Cool colors are created by mixing colors with grays and blacks. Cool, metallic colors worked well with chrome, glass and mirrors, which were popular art deco materials. You might see combinations of:

  • Mustard, navy blue, sea green, tan and white
  • Gray, coral-red, navy blue, gray-blue and black

The point was to give a bold, sleek appearance. Even if you choose earth tones, the earth tones should have "cool" in them.

Design also wasn't simply about colors. Patterns were also very important. Zebra patterns were popular. Patterns that included chevrons, or V shapes, were also common. You will also see checkerboard patterns in contrasting colors, including black and white, in art deco designs.

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