Famous Graffiti Artists

As you marvel at the work of famous graffiti artists, you may wonder how they got to be so talented. Some artists have attended art school; others simply have innate talent. Check out the work of these graffiti artists and see if you can find inspiration for artwork of your own.

Banksy is perhaps the most famous current graffiti artist. While his real name is still the subject of much debate, Banksy is known throughout the world as a graffiti artist who specializes in satirical political and societal commentary. His art is a combination of stenciling, spray paint and fine brush painting. Known for infiltrating art museums and creating huge displays in prominent places in major cities, Banksy recently came out of anonymity long enough to collaborate with and put on a show in the Bristol Museum of Art. This art show was billed as "Banksy versus Bristol Museum" and has been exceedingly popular in Great Britain.

For an example of Banksy's graffiti art, click here.

C215 is a young French graffiti artist whose work is found primarily in France but increasingly around the world. C215 is know for his elaborate stencil graffiti work. He has been known to paint everything from portraits of his daughter, to whom he is deeply devoted, to portraits of "pure evil" and beautiful romantic scenes. C215 is not as secretive or reclusive as many other graffiti artists, many of which seek to remain anonymous.

You can find a video of c215 at work here.

Dan Witz
Dan Witz is a street artist in New York City famous for his hummingbirds and lifelike portraits that look almost as if they were photographs. He is also known for his silk screen "hoodie" figures and his variations on "Kilroy was here," usually painted onto signs put up by government or businesses.

For examples of Dan Witz's work, click here.

David Choe
David Choe is a graffiti artist who started his legacy in Los Angeles but know is known worldwide, especially for his famous portrayal of Barak Obama. You can see this portrayal here.

Choe is known for artwork both vulgar and beautiful, large and small. His murals are found all over the world, including in Japan and Vietnam. One of his larger works is pictured here.

Judith Supine
Judith Supine is known for an unusual type of street art. His work is colorful, bright and usually made up of a collage of various mediums including paste ups and aerosol. Supine's work is a kind of graffiti pop art.

If you're inspired by graffiti artists, you may find a way to express yourself in a mural format as well. Is there a room in your house that could sport a mural? Is there a church or community project that would benefit from a wall of graffiti? Graffiti art is not limited to these famous graffiti artists. You also could become an artist-if you have the talent and desire within.

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