How to Draw Graffiti Letters

Want to learn how to draw graffiti letters? You can learn how to draw a graffiti alphabet easily. Most graffiti artists start with simple balloon-style graffiti letters and progress to more complicated styles as they gain experience. If you want to learn how to draw graffiti letters, you will want to start small and then work your way up to wall-sized graffiti once you become comfortable doing it on a small scale.

Start Simple
Start by practicing on poster board or large pieces of cardboard. You'll want a canvas that is disposable and inexpensive.

Get the Right Tools
Invest in some spray paint, jars of paint and fine brushes. You'll be practicing with these items, so don't spend a lot of money. Cheap is good.

Draw Letters
The first step is to simply start drawing letters using the spray paint. Place the letters a significant distance from one another and paint the letters of the alphabet.

Go Over the Letters
Go back over the letters, drawing around the outlines of each letter, in effect creating bubble letters.

Keep going back over and around each letter of the alphabet until the letters become so wide that they begin to overlap over one another.

Fill in the Letters
Once you've got the letters wide and bubble-shaped and the letters are overlapping one another somewhat, you'll want to use the spray paint to fill in any parts of the bubble letters that are unpainted. You want solid letters. 

Outline the Letters
Use contrasting color paint and the fine brushes to paint distinct, clear lines around each bubble letter. Allow some parts of some letters to fall behind other letters so it looks like the letters are slightly overlapping one another as if in a slanted stack.

Fill in Shadows
Use yet another color paint to fill in shadows to one side of the letters, creating a 3-D look. Make sure the lines remain clear and crisp.

Try it on a Wall
Once you're comfortable creating a graffiti alphabet on cardboard or poster board, you can choose a word and try this on a wall.  Have fun!

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