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Popular Articles
Famous Renaissance art remains among the most popular works in the western world. 
By Laura Evans
Find out what features characterize Art Deco furniture and discover a stunning architectural example of this style.
By Stephanie Banfield
By Aisling Ash
What is Cubism art? With Cubism, art veered away from traditional realistic styles to more personal, geometrical forms of interpretation.
By Jennifer Maughan
Learn about the Australian Aboriginal through the body of art left by this 50,000-year-old nomadic culture.
By Jamie Douglas
Modernist movement facts can be tied directly to world events. The movement was an evolution and a reaction of the art world.
By Jen Adams
Photography is an art form and hobby that plays an important role in society.
By Crystal Eynon
French Impressionist painters led the way in creating a unique and controversial new form of art. Learn about several of the biggest names around when Impressionism was causing a stir.
By Aysha Schurman
While some argue that the early history of pop art was a rebellion against abstract art, others believe that pop artists merely extended the possibilities of abstract images.
By Rachel Mork
The history of Cubism reveals an art movement that never settled into old habits. In fact, Cubism kept evolving from analytic Cubism to synthetic Cubism, which incorporated more color and texture.
By Jennifer Maughan
Read up on these famous graffiti artists to learn who creates all the amazing graffiti you've seen in New York City and all over Europe.
By Rachel Mork
Graffiti is illegal and is usually done anonymously, but what is it that causes society to view graffiti as bad?
By Simon Wright
Expressionism art uses painting techniques such as vivid colors and distorted forms to express emotions and feelings more accurately.
By Chris Flood
Baroque style can't be summed up with one person or work, and it must be understood in the proper context.
By Laura Evans
Certain art deco colors created the go-to color palate for this distinct style.
By Laura Evans
What are the characteristics of Renaissance art and what made the art of this era so revolutionary?
By Laura Evans
Learn about some famous pop art artists who helped to define the genre.
By Rachel Mork
What are some of the more common art deco designs and symbols?
By Laura Evans
The pop art movement has produced thought-provoking and whimsical pieces. If you're interested in this genre, try these suggestions for exploring pop art.
By Rachel Mork
German Expressionism isn't a single, unified art movement. It is actually composed of two movements, Die Brücke and Der Blaue Reiter.
By Chris Flood
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