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The statue of Zeus was an amazing undertaking and is a wonder of the ancient world.
By Minnie Chatterfield
Medieval art decorated monasteries and castles, but it also illuminated the lives of ordinary people attending their church.
By Janet Grischy
When it comes to impressionism for kids, it's key to remember that most humans, especially youngsters learn best in a full immersion environment. By engaging children visually and physically, Impressionism practices and approaches will be best learned.
By Aysha Schurman
Check out the many different styles of graffiti art that go beyond a wall and a can of spray paint.
By Rachel Mork
During Surrealism, paintings focused on describing the subconscious mind. For that reason, major artworks of that time depicted strange juxtapositions and objects behaving in unusual ways.
By Jennifer Maughan
Photography is an art form and hobby that plays an important role in society.
By Crystal Eynon
Enjoy the strength and grace of the Greek Bronze Warrior statues of Italy
By Angela Grogan-Henehan
Interested in art deco? Learning about art deco artists will give you some background and understanding of the art deco movement.
By Laura Evans
By Aisling Ash
Baroque fashion isn't the mystery that you'd think it might be. We actually know a lot about what people wore during this period.
By Laura Evans
The pop art movement has produced thought-provoking and whimsical pieces. If you're interested in this genre, try these suggestions for exploring pop art.
By Rachel Mork
Certain art deco colors created the go-to color palate for this distinct style.
By Laura Evans
Are you intrigued by pop art? Have you considered creating your own pop art images? Learn the elements of pop art and try applying them to your own artwork.
By Rachel Mork
Northern Renaissance art had a different look and feel to the work made in Italy at the time.
By Laura Evans
Italian Renaissance art revolutionized the way that people painted. Learn how.
By Laura Evans
Abstract expressionism focused on how to bring emotions to the forefront and emphasized the creative process-no matter how abstract-instead of trying to represent the world exactly.
By Chris Flood
Baroque architecture still stands today as a monument to this vital artistic movement.
By Laura Evans
What are the characteristics of Renaissance art and what made the art of this era so revolutionary?
By Laura Evans
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