Famous Pop Art Artists

There are several famous pop art artists who created and shaped this genre of artistic expression. All of these artists drew upon modern-culture kitsch, advertising, consumer products, icons or cultural symbols for inspiration to create their unusual art. These artists drew upon abstract art and DADA works as a foundation.

Eduardo Paolozzi
Eduardo Paolozzi is one of the artists credited with creating the pop art form. He was a part of the British art organization called The Independent Group. Inspired by the other artists in this group, Eduardo used images of contemporary consumer items to create collage prints that could be mass-produced and sold at affordable prices. He thought of pop art as a way to bring art to the people, as well as a way to celebrate everyday life through art.

Andy Wharhol
Andy Wharhol is probably the most celebrated and recognizable pop art artist. Famous for his depictions of Coca Cola bottles, Campbell's Soup Cans and prints made from altered photographs of Marilyn Monroe, Andy Wharhol delighted in finding the beauty and irony in the mundane and ordinary. His original prints can be found in major museums around the world. Reproductions of those prints are a common sight in many homes.

Roy Lichtenstein
Roy Litchtenstein is famous for his use of comic-book or graphic-novel-like images in his artwork. Lichtenstein paintings freeze a particular moment of emotion, often with a word balloon to add extra meaning or detail.

Robert Rauschenberg
Robert Rauschenberg literally added a new dimension to pop art. Rauschenberg was a painter at heart, but he decided to combine traditional paintings with physical objects, creating three-dimensional collages. He called these collages "Combines," because of the combination of art expressions. Rauschenberg drew upon principles from classic abstract painters as he explored new ways to express himself artistically.

George Segal
George Segal advanced the idea of three-dimensional pop art by combining sculptures, physical structures and pop-culture images to create art sets that stir emotion and provoke commentary on modern life.

Claes Oldenburg
Claes Oldenburg explored alternative mediums for sculptures that acted as social commentary. He is famous for his sculpture titled "Soft Toilet."

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While some argue that the early history of pop art was a rebellion against abstract art, others believe that pop artists merely extended the possibilities of abstract images.

The pop art movement has produced thought-provoking and whimsical pieces. If you're interested in this genre, try these suggestions for exploring pop art.

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Are you intrigued by pop art? Have you considered creating your own pop art images? Learn the elements of pop art and try applying them to your own artwork.

Want to know more about pop art images? Learn the history of pop art and the pop art movement and discover the influential pop art artists.

Want to know more about pop art images? Learn the history of pop art and the pop art movement and discover the influential pop art artists.

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