Key Elements of Claude Monet Artwork

Claude Monet artwork is very unique and easily recognizable, given that there are several key elements used in all of his paintings. Large brush strokes, lighting and bold colors are each important components of his most famous works.

Large Brush Strokes
Broken color technique is what Claude Monet is most known for. In this style, an artist utilizes overlapping brush strokes without borders or any fine lines. At the time Monet was cutting his teeth in the art world, many painters strived for perfect representation of objects, people or landscapes, but Monet instituted the use of fat large brush strokes to create more of an interpretation of the things he painted.

With the broken color technique, Monet could achieve effects with lighting that other artists couldn'?'t. Layering colors and thick brush strokes would create an actual feeling of lighting for the viewer. Monet liked to play around and experiment with lighting, often painting the same landscape at different times of the day or year. One of Monet'?'s most famous works, "Impression, Sunrise" is a great example of how Monet could incorporate lighting into his artwork so that the painting wasn?'t a literal interpretation but could still capture the essence of the subject.

Bold Colors
Colors played a huge role in Monet'?'s painting, as he used very few brown or earth tones. Monet even went on to completely eliminate black from his paintings. He would overlap colors excessively to enhance the look of lighting in his paintings; if something was just one solid color, he would mix colors together to make the subject more interesting. Monet even knew shadows were not true black or all one color, that the colors we see in real life are just light being reflected off or absorbed by an object. Monet tried to capture this idea by using bright bold colors and overlapping various shades.

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