Famous Claude Monet Paintings

Claude Monet paintings are easily recognizable and are famous around the world. The father of French Impressionism, Monet was groundbreaking and controversial as he created the artwork that remains as popular today as it did during his time.

"Impression, Sunrise" (1872)
This early Monet is among his most famous; it also happens to be the painting from which Impressionism got its name. Originally "Marina," the painting's name was changed in 1874, when Edmond Renoir asked for a clearer title so that he could include the work in an exhibition. The painting created both strong buzz and a healthy dose of criticism, as it was painted in a style no one had ever seen before.

"The Water-Lily Pond" (1899)
This painting was created at the peak of Monet?''s career and the twilight of the 19th century. At home in Giverny and known as the most popular Impressionist painter of the day, Monet captured the an image of his own garden. The painting became one in a series of paintings depicting his Japanese bridge and garden pond.

"Grainstacks at the End of the Summer, Morning Effect" (1890)
This painting is one of the most famous from Monet'?'s "Haystacks" series. Monet painted the haystacks at various times a year, at various times during the day so as to get different lighting effects. 

"A Field of Tulips in Holland" (1886)
Monet stayed in the Netherlands in the spring of 1886; the artist painted the tulip fields located near where he was residing. The landscapes feature a windmill and fields of flowers, but Monet found it difficult to interpret the scene as he wanted.

"Houses of Parliament" (1900)
Painted on the bank of the Thames in London, this is one of Monet'?'s most impressionistic works. By the time it was painted, Monet had firmly established himself thoroughly as an artist known for continuing to push the envelope of Impressionist style painting.

"Bouquet of Sunflowers" (1881)
Monet painted a series of seven different kinds of flowers, including dahlias, chrysanthemums and the most famous, sunflowers. These were done in the early 1880?'s and some of Monet'?'s only still life paintings. The "Sunflowers" series is among the most popular, as reflected in the sales of Monet prints for homes worldwide.

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Claude Monet's artwork is what made him famous, and just a few key elements make up his technique known as Impressionism.

Claude Monet's biography reflects the life of a innovative artist and a family man. Learn about the man who gave the art world Impressionism.

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