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Popular Articles
The Nobel Prize history begins with a Swedish man who wanted to improve people's lives. Little did he know as a youth that his name would become associated with some of the world's greatest innovators.
By Jennifer Maughan
The horror genre is one of the most uncomplicated forms of entertainment. Whether the antagonist is a monster, ghost or feral animal, the goal is to scare the audience.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
The New Age is not really all that new, being a movement established circa 1960. However, the various ideas, values and beliefs that form the foundation for New Age thinkin...click here for more.
By D. Victor
The Templeton Foundation prize was begun to elevate spiritual research to the same levels as research that is rewarded by Nobel prizes. Learn who is eligible and what the award represents.
By Helen Polaski
The portrait of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is the most intriguing portrait in the world. No one knows who she really is.
By Connie Earl Robertson
Wondering how to create your own Star Trek costumes? Learn what you'll need to dress as a favorite character from the original series.
By Rachel Mork
Many of the short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald earned the writer more fame, popularity and money than his novels. Learn about the origin of Benjamin Button, Josephine Perry, Basil Duke Lee and more.
By Jennifer Maughan
Cartoons can be attractive to a wide age range. Young and the not so young find the same cartoons hilarious. Is this true for all cartoons or do those that span the generations possess something unique? This is one take on this conumdrum.|&&|
By craigy
Some people believe Yoko Ono caused the Beatles to break up, but there were other factors to blame.
By Alexandra Heep
Jane Austen quotes showcase the wit and talent of one of history's favorite female writers.
By Aysha Schurman
Every fan has their favorite funny Star Trek quotes. See if your favorites made our list.
By Rachel Mork
A piccolo is a small flute with a sweet high note, like a birdsong.
By Janet Grischy
Learning how to become a superhero requires more than merely donning a cape and a mask. You'll need to do your research in order to join the sacred ranks of Batman, Superman and the rest of the superhero gang.
By Victoria Welch
These Dada pioneers, including Hans Arp and Marcel Duchamp, launched an art movement that was so inspiring precisely because it was anti-art. When these artists rejected the past, they opened up visions of the future.
By Chris Flood
The Thomas Paine biography tells the story of a free-thinking man from a humble background who became a major figure in two political revolutions.
By Jennifer Flaten
William Golding used Lord of the Flies to explore the conflict between civilization and savagery, good and evil.
By Mary P Ivy
Spanish soap operas share a few common characteristics with their American counterparts, but the length of stories and the amount of melodrama are quite different.
By Alice Langholt
A look at the upcoming season of the hit reality series, Survivor. This season, Heroes vs. Villains.
By Mike Bacon
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