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Want to make techno music? All you need is some computer software, an ear for music and these tips on crafting a good song.
By Rachel Mork
Becoming the host of your own talk show isn't as difficult as you might think. Learn the five steps to hosting your own show and be on your way to becoming the next Oprah.
By Jennifer Maughan
If you are taking on the act of playing clarinet, technique, practice and patience will be your best friends.
By Jennifer Maughan
Old sitcoms are like comfort food; as soon as you see them, you feel a smile cross your face. Check out these old favorites that you may have forgotten.
By Jennifer Flaten
A look at one of the contributing factors to the downfall of modern horror.
By William Bitterman
With all the types of drums in the world, there is certainly one that will spark your interest.
By Maeve Rich
Many sources say the "Father of Science Fiction" is Jules Verne. While Verne undoubtedly deserves credit as a pioneer in the genre, he isn't alone, and others deserve equal recognition.
By Dachary Carey
Italian Renaissance art revolutionized the way that people painted. Learn how.
By Laura Evans
Rock is more than a genre of music-it's a way of life. Learn the history of rock music including how it evolved and discover who were some of the major players responsible for making it what it is today.
By Aaron Baer Harsha
The history of comedy films includes the very first movie copyrighted in the United States. Whether or not the art form has evolved since then, we'll leave it up for you to decide.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Facts about the violin's lesser known cousin, the viola.
By Tyrannosaurus Lex
Find the original lyrics penned in the 1830s to this famous folk song and discover who the tune was written about.
By Stephanie Banfield
Do you know how to make a flute? You need little more than some PVC pipe and some patience.
By Maeve Rich
Michael Jackson was a pop star who was born in 1958 and died in 2009.
By Melanie Grimes
Abstract expressionism focused on how to bring emotions to the forefront and emphasized the creative process-no matter how abstract-instead of trying to represent the world exactly.
By Chris Flood
The Edgar Awards have grown to become one of the most highly coveted honors for those who specialize in bringing mystery, crime or suspense to bookshelves, stages, movie theaters or television screens. 
By Aysha Schurman
Graffiti is illegal because it destroys property, spoils neighborhoods and encourages other crimes.
By Janet Grischy
Take a look at some of the more common reasons people enjoy watching horror films.
By Philip Lop
Extreme Weight Loss candidates are seeking a chance to change their lives.
By Janet Grischy
The back story of the 1970s musical group.
By Abigail Prendergast
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