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Popular Articles
Why did Charles Dickens write the beloved A Christmas Carol? Find out the story behind the story.
By NW Bartlett
F. Scott Fitzgerald books capture the spirit of the Jazz Age and the movers and shakers of the day. Learn how This Side of Paradise and The Great Gatsby came to be.
By Jennifer Maughan
A well-prepared audition could change your life.
By Conny Manero
Rap music, which originated in the 1970s in tough neighborhoods in New York City, is one of the most popular forms of modern music today.
By Mark Mays
The horror genre is one of the most uncomplicated forms of entertainment. Whether the antagonist is a monster, ghost or feral animal, the goal is to scare the audience.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
A list of famous superheroes features some of the most famous names in history. While they might not be saving the day for real, these legends have been thrilling fans for generations.
By Aysha Schurman
Learn the basic plot line and major characters of the popular TV show Awkward.
By Marie Lorraine
The basics on how to create a custom character based on yourself for a novel, comic book, fan-fiction etc.
By Abigail Prendergast
Bagpipes have survived centuries almost unchanged from their original form. Bagpipes were likely designed by herdsman, judging from the types of materials used in the instr...click here for more.
By Lauren Bove
Jack Nicholson has starred in an unbelievable number of great films.
By Shelly Barclay
The unusual childhood of Beyonce Knowles foreshadowed her performing talents. From an early age, Knowles was basking in the spotlight that comes with performance.
By Jennifer Maughan
There are many fun facts to know about Hilary Duff, the bright young talent who, since being discovered by Disney as a tween, has grown up into a successful actress, singer and entrepreneur. Learn about one of Hollywood's most successful young stars.
By Aysha Schurman
The key elements of Andy Warhol's artwork can be found in each of his art forms, whether you are examining paintings, silk screens or cinematic projects. While other artists have become part of the Pop Art movement he created, there are components found in Warhol's works that serve as distinctive Warhol signatures. 
By Heather Mayer
The history of Gothic architecture begins in France, with an abbot who wanted a cathedral that reflected his view of God as a being of light.
By Alice Langholt
A true story can often provide more depth and drama than fiction and they come suited to any taste.
By Rebecca Mikulin
By Janet Grischy
The Boston Globe-Horn Book Award annually honors greatness in children and young adult literature. Learn about how books join the ranks of "Tikki Tikki Tembo" and "London Bridge Is Falling Down." 
By Aysha Schurman
The name Mark Twain was a pen name that came from the experience the writer had as a Mississippi riverboat pilot.
By Julie R Butler
During Surrealism, paintings focused on describing the subconscious mind. For that reason, major artworks of that time depicted strange juxtapositions and objects behaving in unusual ways.
By Jennifer Maughan
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