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Popular Articles
Learn how to spot the many hidden things in Disney movies. Many people don't realize that some of their favorite Disney characters pop up in movies time and time again.
By Aysha Schurman
Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz had a long marriage that ended in divorce after 20 years.
By Crystal Eynon
How many Batman movies were made? You may think there are only six, but the Dark Knight has appeared in many more big-screen and TV movies through the years.
By Cheryl Bowman
Oscar Wilde love quotes serve as a wonderful resource when your own sentiments can't quite be put into words. Learn what this famous Irish writer had to say on the matter of love. 
By Teresa Hall
The New Age Movement became known during 1960s, and it continues to evolve as believers of traditional religions incorporate some of its concepts into their own faiths. A N...click here for more.
By Diane Quinn
George Lucas movies are known for their incredible special effects and box office success, but only a few have taken home top film awards.
By Jennifer Flaten
What makes the best science fiction movies the best? While the elements for judging science fiction movies vary depending on whom you ask, the greatest science fiction movies combine action, adventure and unforgettable characters.
By Dachary Carey
By reading a Salvador Dali biography, you'll get a better idea of what movements and people influenced and inspired him.
By Jennifer Maughan
The desire to understand the world is strong, especially when it comes to the strange or paranormal. This desire can often lead to people making incorrect assumptions or to...click here for more.
By Elton Gahr
Steve Perry, lead singer of the rock band Journey, left the band in 1996 due to a bone condition that made it impossible for him to perform on stage.
By Katriena Knights
To avoid nightmares, family Halloween movies should skirt the fright factor
By Helen Polaski
Adopting from earlier religions, steeples have practical and spiritual purposes.
By Tara Bellucci
It's important to learn how to read snare drum notes if you plan to carry a snare with your marching band.
By Maeve Rich
When thinking of examples of Cubism, you can't go wrong with works by either Pablo Picasso or Georges Braque.
By Jennifer Maughan
A Brief History of J-Rock (Short for Japanese Rock) in both Japan and the United States.
By BRBenton
Learn to make paper bag puppets for a fantastic crafting activity.
By Julie Knapp
There's a lot of variety to Filipino folk songs, ranging from protest songs with a heavy Spanish influence to traditional songs with a distinctive Asian sound.
By Rachel Mork
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