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Popular Articles
Can you answer, what is the Jazz Age? This phrase, coined by writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, is often used to describe the experimental, rebellious mood of America in the 1920s.
By Caroline Roberts
Want Deal Or No Deal tickets? If you happen to be in the right part of the country at the right time, chances are good that you can watch the show live.
By Jennifer Maughan
Need an introduction to techno bands? Learn about the artists who took techno into the mainstream as well as some pioneers who influenced this form of music.
By Rachel Mork
Check out the many different styles of graffiti art that go beyond a wall and a can of spray paint.
By Rachel Mork
Some Academy Award hosts have become forever linked to Oscar, while others presenting ceremonies that Hollywood would just like to forget. 
By Aysha Schurman
Reality TV applications are just the first step. You'll need to be yourself and be open about your past as you move deeper into the casting process.
By Alice Langholt
Charles Dickens' childhood, during which time he toiled in a factory, influenced not only his writing but also his efforts to improve society.
By Jennifer Maughan
During the reign of the Tudor family in England, a new style of architecture began to emerge. Out of the desire for growth, and thanks to advancement in architectural techn...click here for more.
By Lauren Bove
Bob Marley quotes, whether taken from songs or interviews, reflect the spiritual and lyrical genius that made him a hit songwriter and beloved public figure.
By Aysha Schurman
Redbox offers movie and game rentals throughout the United States and Canada. With more than 31,000 locations, Redbox has a convenient rental process.
Spanish Colonial homes impress with their elegant designs and huge facades, but there are some very practical elements to this style.
By Helen Polaski
If you want to play trumpet, you'll need to know your trumpet parts and how they work to change the pitch and sound of notes.
By Jennifer Flaten
Picasso had been commissioned to paint a giant mural for the Paris International Exposition in 1937, but he needed inspiration.
By Jamie Douglas
Learn all about the family that is taking the reality television world by storm.
By Stephanie Banfield
Maya Angelou first gained recognition for her 1969 autobiography, but her 1993 inaugural poetry recitation was what really did the trick.
By Julie R Butler
If you are new at listening to Classical music, simply listen to the music around you. Much of the music you hear in your daily life is adapted from Classical pieces or relies on Classical traditions.
By Jacqueline Thomas
What Are the Golden Globe Award Categories? The Golden Globes are like the Oscars and the Emmys combined. They honor both movies and television, allowing actors, dir...click here for more.
By Arden Davidson
Nelson Mandela was a South African who won the Nobel prize for his work in civil rights.
By Melanie Grimes
Willie Nelson is known for music but is also a political activist, movie actor and author.
By Melanie Grimes
A quick look at the top 5 hook ups and the top 5 break ups of the year 2009.|&&|
By Chelsea Hoffman
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