Changes in country music

Over the years country music has changed dramatically, it has gotten more pop oriented, the fashion has changed, and the genre has gotten more popular in the mainstream music scene. It  has became more upbeat, more accepted, and growing more every day . The few remaining old timers are getting pushed aside by the new look  and new sound of country music.

There was a time when you turned on the radio to a country station you would hear the familiar sounds of the traditional country singer such as Patsy Cline, Conway Twitty, Hank Williams, and Jerry Reed, now not so much. If you turn on the country station now you hear a much wider variety of instruments, vocals, and beats. The two step is a thing of the past, now it's more poppy than the country sound we are used to. Country has gotten a much more diverse range of listeners than the old style did. The country singers of old use to hope they would get big and famous, now there are artists getting mainstream air play and placing at the top of the Billboard charts.

The country singers from the traditional era tried their entire lives to make it to the top, but the top back then was no higher than the country music charts. If you take Hank Williams for example, he was the biggest thing in country music at the time. Then look at Kenny Chesney, He has been at number one on the country charts several times and has been on the Billboard charts singing with Uncle Cracker and Jimmy Buffet. Then you have Taylor Swift, she has been at the top of both charts on more than one occasion. Patsy Cline at the top of her career, as great as it was, never came close to crossing genres. Loretta Lynn was one of the biggest country singers of her generation and is probably more popular now but when compared to the accomplishments to Carrie Underwood hers are minimal.

The CMA awards, CMT, and satellite radio have most defiantly helped get country music to more potential listeners, but the talent and willingness to change has moved country music to the place it is today. There has never been as many country artists to cross genres than there is in the business today. There is no telling were it will lead in the future.

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