How Much Is Birdman Worth

What is Birdman's Net Worth?

Out of all the rappers in the U.S., Birdman is one of the wealthiest. So, what is Birdman's net worth? Where does he get his wealth from?

Bryan 'Birdman' Williams, also referred to as Baby, is a rapper and the co-founder of Cash Money Records. He has represented many albums that are well known today and has had profited off of recording artists such as Drake and Nicki Minaj, two extremely popular rappers of today's current musical talents. In fact, he has represented over 90 million different albums sold, making a profit of at least $15 million a year.

So, is Birdman a rapper or a business man?

Birdman's role as a rapper

Birdman began his career in the music industry as a rapper for Big Tymers, a rap group that he helped form. They released three albums, which lead to several #1 hits and even a Grammy nomination for the song 'Still Fly.' Birdman has also been involved in a musical collaboration with Lil' Wayne. Although he continues to rap, his main focus is being the co-founder of Cash Money.

Not only has Birdman released three albums with the group Big Tymers and collaborated with Lil' Wayne on the album, Like Father, Like Son, but he has released his own albums, 5* Stunna and Priceless. Both of the solo Birdman albums feature Lil' Wayne. Birdman continues to collaborate with Lil' Wayne and considers him a major part of the Cash Money label.

Cash Money

Cash Money was founded by Birdman and his brother, Ronald "Slim" Williams, in 1990. In 1998, Cash Money closed a deal with Universal Motown Records for distribution. This deal brought Birdman and Slim $30 million in profit. Their label currently brings in about $100 million a year in revenue by representing rappers such as Juvenile, Lil' Wayne and Birdman himself.

Birdman's net worth

With all of Birdman's past efforts-album releases, collaborations with other artists and being the co-founder of Cash Money-it has been estimated that his net worth is over $125 million and still growing. He brings in about $15 million a year on his record label alone. He continues to expand his net worth by coming up with new ways to earn profit, such as designing his own clothing line.

How Birdman spends his money

Birdman insists on wearing at least $1 million each day in jewelry. He has been seen donning a diamond necklace as well as a diamond-encrusted grill. He has also been known to purchase expensive cars and wager large sums of money on sporting events, such as boxing matches. Even with Birdman's spending habits, he has managed to profit from his revenue from Cash Money and his released albums and hit singles. In 2011, he ranked at #5 on the Hip-Hop Cash Kings List by Forbes, which ranks the most wealthy rappers. He was actually tied with Lil' Wayne at #4.

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