Great Rap Freestyle Tips

Before you pick up any rap freestyle tips, keep in mind that freestyling takes a lot of practice and quick thinking. You'll need to develop the sharp mind and, most important, the sharp tongue you need to succeed in the rap battle game.

Start simple. One good tip is to listen to a hip-hop beat over and over again. Listen to the beat, learn the rhythm and start to rap over it. Your first lines don't have to be anything spectacular. Just get a feeling for the song, and try to make simple rhymes. Keep a notebook with you, and make a note of particular lines that you created and really liked. Build on the lines you have, and try to make them more complex over time. Remember, you don't have to just rhyme the last words of two lines; you can work rhymes into the same line. This keeps things from sounding too repetitive.

Rap what you know. Another good tip is to try making rhymes about what's around you. Good freestylers have a keen sense of observation. Build raps about the stuff you see. Start small, and work your way up. Try to work in metaphors about pop culture or current events. Also, the more humorous you can make a line, the better. Rap battling is all about making fun of the other person with your rhyming ability. Good zingers are always much appreciated by the audience. Save the words that pack the biggest punch for the end.

Invest in a rhyming dictionary. Thinking ahead is what freestylers are best at. It's a good idea to come up with a list of words that rhyme in your head while you're rapping. Then you can structure your next lines around those words. A rhyming dictionary is always a helpful reference. Just don't bring it out on stage with you. Don't be overly concerned with words rhyming exactly, either. Words that sound similar enough will do the trick. When they're delivered quickly, the audience won't be able to tell the difference.

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