J-Rock In The United States

 J-Rock in its element

J-Rock (which is short for Japanese Rock) progressed very similarly to American music. They had their ?"Psychedelic Era,?" with bands imitating The Beatles, The Who, and The Rolling Stones, and then slowly moved into the ?"Alternative Rock Era?" which followed. It was during the ?"Alternative Rock Era?" in the 1980?'s that J-Rock began to take the sound that it has today. It also a movement known as ?"visual kei?" or visual system. Visual kei involved flashy costumes and bright colors which truly dazzled the audiences. Malice Mizer and Buck-Tick, bands that came into being during the 80?'s are prime examples of visual kei bands.   

In the 1990?'s many bands such as Dir En Grey,  Glay and Janne da Arc began to achieve wide commercial success. Modern J-Rock was beginning to take its hold on Japan. In 1997 the first Fuji  Rock Festival took place in Naeba, Japan. Many different festivals were to follow but now in the 2000s we see a decline in J-Rock.  Several new bands have emerged such as Orange Range and Uverworld, but for the most part is the old school, 1980?'s groups that still top the charts.  

J-Rock in the United States

Despite the efforts of fans J-Rock gets very little recognition in the United States. There are few places where it can be considered truly ?"popular,?" but rather it holds small groups of fans in different areas. Fans can gather together for concerts and conventions to show their love for Eastern music.  Some Japanese artists do tour in the US and many will make appearances at anime conventions.  Despite the massive numbers that arrive for these appearances it is unlikely that we will ever see a ?"J-Rock?" radio station.  

Hope for the J-Rockers

Although a US radio station for J-Rock is a far stretch of the imagination, there is hope for the followers of J-Rock bands.  Thanks to the wonders of the internet, there are many ways to get a hold of your favorite music.  Prime examples are sites such as: www.youtube.com, www.live365.com, and www.pandora.com.   All three of these sites can link you to well known j-rock bands and artists such as Gackt, L?'Arc˜en˜Ciel, Asian Kung-fu Generation, Uverworld and X Japan to name a few.  So hold onto your dreams fellow J-Rockers, there is hope for us yet.  Maybe someday we?'ll get that radio station, but until then keep listening and loving the music of Japan.

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