The Change In Rock Music

There are many changes that have been made in the past thirty to forty years in rock and roll music. There have been changes in fashion, the lyrics, and the way instruments where played.

In the beginning of rock, the Beatles started off with fancy clothes and clean hair. They had a following that was unprecedented at the time, Simon and Garfunkel hosted a free concert that exposed over five hundred thousand fans that where floored by the hypnotizing lyrics. Elvis Presley used his strong voice, fun lyrics, and stunning dance moves that caused people to cringe in that generation. The Allman Brothers had the top selling live album of all time in the 70's, with their stunning lyrics, great guitar solos, and their different sound. Stevie Ray Vaughn was considered one of the greatest guitarists of his time and many performers today idolize him.

The Beatles sold more records than any other band in 2009 and they haven't been a  group since the seventies. Is that saying that the Beatles are that great of a band or that the quality of music today is not as good? The bands in the beginning days of rock were a starting point for the bands today and the bands today have tried to take what they have learned and add to it with different electronics, strong fashion styles, and powerful live performances. They are doing everything they can to bring back the reputation that early rock started so long ago. The question is, are they changing so much that they are losing what music is all about? Is electronics taking over the importance in lyrics and passion?

The live shows of the new bands are so much more flamboyant. They have pyrotechnics, amazing light shows, and great guest performers. They have so much more to work with when it comes to recording an album and even on stage. The bands today such as Metalica have had huge success with their live shows and albums. They where among the highest selling groups in the 80s and 90s. They use the electronics to the extreme and it has a great effect on the outcome of their ticket sales. Even though there are so many differences in old rock and new rock they are both still rock and roll and it will still continue to change in the future.

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