How to Play the Drums

When you're learning how to play the drums it can seem overwhelming. Hitting the drums in just the right way takes practice and a certain amount of skill. Here are some tips to help you learn how to play the drums.

It's a good idea to take a lesson when you're first starting out. This will help you learn how to play the drums without getting too frustrated. An experienced musician will be able to show you the intricacies of drum playing and also point out any errors you're making. A video can also help you in lieu of a lesson.

The ability to read music will help you when you're learning how to play the drums. You should also learn how to count with the music. The most common count you'll use will be a 4 count, meaning there will be 4 counts before the beat starts over. A good way to keep track of the count is to tap your foot in time with the music. You can also use a metronome, which will help you to keep a steady beat.

Learn how to hold the drumsticks properly early on. This will make learning to play much easier. Wrap your hands around the sticks, leaving about an inch of the stick below your fist. Keep your thumbs pointing up.

Learn how to use the high hat. You can try lifting your foot every so often to get used to the way the high hat sounds. You can also try to lift your foot just a little bit and hit it on the inside and outside edges to try out the different sounds you can make.

Invest in some music books which can not only help you learn how to play but also will have music for you to practice playing. Lastly (but most importantly) practice, practice, practice. This is the only way to get better!

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