How to Tune Drums

Do you want to learn how to tune drums? It's not an instrument people often think of tuning, but properly tuning your drums can help you make the most of their sound. Here are some tips to help you learn how to tune drums.

Different drums should be tuned differently, but there are some basic techniques to follow. If you're replacing the drum head, the first thing you should do is take the skin off of your drum. Even if you're not replacing your drum heads, tune them every so often. This will keep them from getting damaged too easily. It's a good idea to clean the drum while you have the skin off. Cleaning the inside of the drum isn't something you often think of doing, but anything that's inside your drum (and shouldn't be) can destroy your skin or the shell.

The next step is to tune the drums with a drum key. You'll do this by tuning the lugs, turning them. Make sure you turn each lug the same amount as the others. You should also go out of order, turning one lug then the lug opposite, rather than in a circle. This will make for more even tuning. Once you've tightened the lugs, tap the skin ahead of each lug to make sure you like the sound.

When you're tuning the bass drum start with the front head first. Tom-tom drums should be tuned by the bottom head first.

Keep in mind that there are a number of ways to tune your drums. Experiment and take advice from more experienced musicians until you find a way that's effective for you.

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