How to Make a Flute

Learn how to make a flute. It is a beautiful woodwind instrument, popular among musicians because of the sounds it makes.

A common material to make a home flute from is plastic piping, more commonly called PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC piping is easy to work with and is waterproof and sturdy. Pretty much any type of PVC is okay to use, except for gray electrical conduit, which can be toxic Make sure you don't use ABS plastic, which has no regulations governing it and may contain any number of toxic chemicals.

First you'll need to cut a piece of 1" PVC piping to match the dimensions of a standard flute. You can cut your flute, using a saw, to be 15 9/16". Make sure you wear a mask when sanding; you don't want to get PVC piping dust in your throat. Remove the loose pieces of plastic using a dowel.

Now drill your holes at 6 3/8", 8", 9 1/8", 10 ¾", 11 ½" and 12 ¾". The first three holes (6 3/8", 8", 9 1/8") should be 3/8" while the last 11/32", 7/16" and 5/16". The third hole should be rotated 25 degrees to the left and the fifth hole should be rotated 10 degrees to the left. The hole at the mouthpiece should be 5/16" in and 7/16" in diameter. Now smooth the holes.

For the lip plate, try a plumbing pipe end cap. You can simply glue this on, then drill the mouth hole. Use pipe cement but make sure that you use it outdoors, as the fumes can be harmful.

Your flute is essentially done. You'll need to clean your flute often to make sure that it plays well. Try baking soda every so often to make sure that you're getting the flue clean.

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