How Did Bob Marley Die

How did Bob Marley die? This legendary reggae artist died from widespread malignant melanoma, a serious cancer. Malignant melanoma is usually a hereditary cancer found in European populations. It is suspected that Marley's English father passed the problem to him and may have even suffered from cancer himself.

Marley was born in 1945 in Jamaica and died in 1981 in Miami. In 1977 he saw a doctor about a toe wound that wouldn't heal and was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Citing religious beliefs, Marley refused to have the toe amputated. In 1980 he collapsed while jogging and doctors discovered his cancer had spread into his brain, lungs and stomach. Marley died in a Miami hospital on May 11, 1981.

Where Was Bob Marley Buried?
Marley was buried on May 21, 1981 near his birthplace in Nine Mile, Jamaica. He was buried in a mausoleum with his guitar, a soccer ball, a marijuana bud and a Bible. His funeral was an official state ceremony given by the people of Jamaica and attended by the Prime Minister.

What Were Bob Marley's Passions?
Marley had many passions in his life, but his main love was music. He was a singer, songwriter and musician with a powerful voice. He was passionate about reggae music and the Rastafaria movement. He also loved soccer, marijuana and women. Marley and his wife, Rita, were never divorced, but he had at least seven children with other women during their marriage.

What Is Reggae Music?
Reggae music is a distinctively Caribbean sound that mixes European and African influences. It contains heavy drum beats and uses the guitar as a back-up beat rather than a typical front beat. The term reggae comes from its early days as a type of ragged dance music. Marley helped bring this distinctive music to the world with his spiritual and political lyrics.

What Is the Rastafaria Movement?
Marley was a devoted Rastafarian who truly lived the ideals he preached. The Rastafari movement started in Jamaica during the 1920s and 1930s. It officially came to being in 1930 when a Jamaican preacher and his followers declared the new Ethiopian emperor, Hailie Selassie I, the long awaited messiah.

The Rastafari movement has no formal organization and is not considered a religion in the strictest sense. However the movement does contain many spiritual and life guides combined from African, Christian and Judaic influences. Some of the things it advocates include the ritual use of marijuana, complete abstinence from alcohol and a vegetarian diet. It also advocates an abstinence from hair cutting, which results in dreadlocks. 

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Find articles about Bob Marley, including a Bob Marley biography, Bob Marley quotes and how did Bob Marley die.

Find articles about Bob Marley, including a Bob Marley biography, Bob Marley quotes and how did Bob Marley die.

Find articles about Bob Marley, including a Bob Marley biography, Bob Marley quotes and how did Bob Marley die.

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