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These Eminem facts will make you laugh or curse, depending on your perspective. Eminem is infamous for his controversial and often offensive lyrics and antics, but he has an active fan base that adores him. How you feel about Eminem depends on your perspective. What will you think about these interesting Eminem facts?

Eminem Isn't Shy About Politics
Both Eminem songs "Mosh" and "We As Americans" are openly anti-George W. Bush songs. In the "Mosh" music video, released a week before the 2004 US presidential election, Eminem referred to Bush as "this weapon of mass destruction we call our president" and asked viewers to vote against Bush. In "We As Americans" Eminem made references to killing the president, something that surely did not go over well in the White House.

Eminem Alienated His Own Mother in Several Songs
Perhaps Eminem considered bashing his mother in lyrical form a kind of music therapy? Many of the lyrics in his songs on The Slim Shady LP portrayed his mother in a negative light. His mother sued him for slander and emotional damages, but she only won a scant amount of compensation for her troubles.

Eminem Had a Rocky Relationship With Wife Kimberly Anne Scott
Eminem and Kim have been both married to one another and divorced twice. They have a daughter together named Hailey. After Eminem defamed his wife in the song "Kim," she sued him for such.

Eminem Is Not Afraid of Offending Celebrities and Other Artists
Over the course of several albums, Eminem has made fun of Michael Jackson's legal problems and personal choices, asserted that Christina Aguilera has been sexually active with other celebrities in ways that she has claimed she was not, parodied Marilyn Manson and claimed a relationship with Mariah Carey that she denies. He has also parodied Madonna, MC Hammer and Pee Wee Herman. Some artists have taken Eminem's outspoken assertions and parodies in stride; others have been quite upset.

Eminem Is More Than Just a Rapper
While his music career has definitely been the most prominent of his accomplishments, Eminem has branched out into other art forms as well. Eminem has acted in two movies: The Wash and 8 Mile. He is currently working on a horror comic book and has published a memoir titled The Way I Am.

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Find articles about Eminem, including some of the most popular Eminem songs, an Eminem biography and Eminem facts.

Find articles about Eminem, including some of the most popular Eminem songs, an Eminem biography and Eminem facts.

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