When Was Eminem Born and Other Fun Facts

Wondering when Eminem was born? Are you an Eminem fan, eager to collect interesting facts about this colorful rapper and singer? Check out these fun questions and answers:

Where and when was Eminem born?
Eminem was born on October 17, 1972 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Is Eminem his real name?
No. Eminem's birth name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III.

Is Eminem African American?
No. Eminem is one of the few acclaimed Caucasian rappers in the US. When asked about his place in the rap world, Eminem is known to say no one is responsible for what race or background they are born into. He acknowledges how unusual it is for him to be a white man contributing to rap culture. At times Eminem has been embraced by the African American community, but at other times he has lost favor. For example, when Eminem produced the song "Just Lose It," which made fun of Michael Jackson's plastic surgeries, legal troubles and the incident when his hair caught fire while filming a commercial, he faced considerable opposition from the African American community.

Did Eminem grow up wealthy or poor?
Eminem rose from poverty. Eminem grew up in various trailer parks across the country. His mother moved him back and forth between Michigan and Missouri until she finally settled down in Detroit when Eminem was 12 years old.

Is Eminem's work respected outside of his fan base?
Yes. Eminem has been named one of the "100 Greatest Artists of All Time" by Rolling Stone Magazine. He has also won Grammy Awards and was once named "Best Rapper Ever" by Vibe Magazine.

Has Eminem received much criticism for his edgy lyrics?
It appears people either love or hate Eminem. His lyrics are often vulgar, obscene, cynical and attacking. As a result, he has many critics. One of the most famous Eminem critics is Bernard Goldberg, who listed Eminem as #58 in his book titled, The Top 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America.

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There are many popular Eminem songs, but the word "popular" doesn't mean "admired" or "approved" by all. Eminem is famous for writing lyrics that spur controversy.

These Eminem facts will make you laugh or curse, depending on your perspective. Eminem is infamous for his controversial and often offensive lyrics and antics, but he has an active fan base that adores him. How you feel about Eminem depends on your perspective. What will you think about these interesting Eminem facts?

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Find articles about Eminem, including some of the most popular Eminem songs, an Eminem biography and Eminem facts.

Find articles about Eminem, including some of the most popular Eminem songs, an Eminem biography and Eminem facts.

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