Famous Madonna Movies

If you want to watch some famous Madonna movies, you'll find you have a variety from which to choose. From the serious Evita to the hilarious Desperately Seeking Susan, you can find sexy Madonna in a plethora of acting roles. The following are five of Madonna's most famous movies:

Evita (1996)
Evita is a musical written about the life of Eva Peron as she evolved from a young child born into poverty who becomes the first lady and spiritual leader of Argentina. Madonna costarred with Antonio Banderas in this film that won Madonna a Golden Globe Award. In the film, Madonna plays a woman who skillfully uses her assets and relationships with men to become a model, actress and radio show host. Evita's popularity with the public lends to her husband's success and inspiration of the country.

Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)
Desperately Seeking Susan is a movie about a dissatisfied housewife who is obsessed with the life of a woman she does not know personally, but reads about in the personals section of a New York paper. The housewife, played by Roseanna Arquette, reads the messages issued by and written to this mysterious Susan, and eventually, she finagles a chance to steal a glimpse at the mystery woman, who is played by Madonna.

The Next Best Thing (2000)
This movie was actually famous for how bad it was, but that still brought people out to see it. The Next Best Thing is about a heterosexual woman-played by Madonna-who sleeps with her homosexual best friend-played by Rupert Everett-while drunk. The result is a baby, who they co-parent until Madonna's character decides to pursue a heterosexual relationship with a new man and leave the baby's father, who fights for custody.

Body of Evidence (1993)
Madonna stars in this who-done-it/sexually explicit thriller about a woman who is accused of killing her excessively rich lover, who has left her in his will to inherit his millions. The woman-played by Madonna-seduces her lawyer, who begins to wonder if he is in fact defending a guilty and dangerous client.

Dangerous Game (1993)
Madonna stars in this movie where fiction and fact become blurred until people start getting hurt. The film is about a movie inside a movie, starring a filmmaker who drives his co-stars to the brink of insanity and immorality until their personal lives are irrevocably changed.

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Find articles about Madonna, including how to dress like Madonna, Madonna songs and Madonna movies.

Find articles about Madonna, including how to dress like Madonna, Madonna songs and Madonna movies.

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