What is the Matrix Understanding the Trilogy

What is the Matrix? What are people talking about when they reference the Matrix Trilogy? This movie made such an impact that some of the lines and concepts from the trilogy have become part of pop culture lingo. To understand Matrix references, you will have to understand the concepts behind the three movies in The Matrix Trilogy. The titles of the movies are The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix: Revolutions.

The Matrix
The Matrix is a science fiction movie set in the future. We meet a computer hacker named Neo, who is living an unsatisfactory but rather normal life. One day Neo is contacted by a mysterious character who believes Neo is the answer the mankind's enormous and most cleverly hidden problem: the fact that all mankind is, in actuality, enslaved by machines, even though no one knows this reality. Neo discovers the truth: Man created artificial intelligence, but the robots equipped with this artificial intelligence have taken over the Earth. The robots are raising and harvesting humans for bio-energy, but they have each human being hooked up to the Matrix, a simulated life that exists in a massive computer. People believe they are living real lives, when in actuality, they are simply being fed and cared for until they are harvested.

Neo is believed to be the hero who can help the freedom fighters, human beings who have been unplugged from the Matrix and now live in caves deep below the earth, break out of the Matrix and begin to restore the world as it really is. The Matrix will not go quietly, however, as it has defensive computer programs that look like people but are endowed with superhuman strength and agility.

The Matrix is notable for introducing the concept of "bullet time" in filmmaking. In this process, a series of still cameras are placed in an arc around a subject so that frozen motion can be seen from all sides, creating a three-dimensional effect.

The Matrix Reloaded
Neo has joined the freedom fighters, but the machines have discovered their hidden city deep inside the Earth. While the freedom fighters launch a military defense against the machines, Neo and key freedom fighters Morpheus, Seraph and Trinity take the battle into the Matrix itself, seeking to defeat the machines inside their own game. To do so, Neo must confront The Architect, who is the father of the Matrix. The group also encounters the Merovingian, a program that has survived several versions of the Matrix, and his stable of "ghosts," remnants of earlier defensive computer programs that are more powerful than the Agents seen in the first movie.

The Matrix: Revolutions
In the final movie, humanity makes its last stand against the machine invasion of their subterranean home. Neo journeys to the charred surface of the Earth, where he confronts the machines in a final bid to win peace and freedom for humanity.

When someone says they need to get out of the Matrix, they are joking that their job creates an artificial reality that has robbed them of living a real life. They may also be talking about a paradigm shift in how they view a specific issue.

The movies themselves offer a blend of car chases, martial arts and elements of mythology, religion and philosophy.They challenge the viewer not just to question what's happening on the screen, but to question what's happening in the world around us.

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