How to Make Star Wars Costumes

Learning how to make Star Wars costumes is as easy or difficult as the specific costumes you want to create. Star Wars, the six hit movies set in an intergalactic fantasy future, has costumes that range from simple robes to elaborate metal bikinis.

If you want to make an elaborate and detailed Star Wars costume, several major companies offer patterns for children and adults. Check at assorted craft and online stores for patterns that cover the steps needed to create costumes from any of the six movies. If you need little accessories, such as a mask or light saber, check a local toy store.

Basic Male Star Wars Costumes
To create a basic Jedi warrior costume modeled after an old Obi Won Kenobi, just wear a plain, light shirt and slacks. Add a long, brown robe tied with a matching belt and a pair of leather, slip-on boots. For a young Jedi warrior costume, wear a light shirt and loose slacks with some leather, slip-on, knee-length boots. Add a hip length, white robe folded close to the neck and secured with a thick leather or cloth belt. If you don't have the right robe, cut and hem an old robe to the right length.

To create a basic costume modeled after Han Solo, the renegade hero in the three early movies, just slip on a pair of dark blue slacks. Add a long-sleeve, v-neck, off white, peasant shirt. Slip on a pair of black boots and a simple black vest to complete the look. If you want to keep things truly authentic, find a pair of old dark blue slacks you can alter. Sew some flat red ribbing to create short, thick, vertical lines down the outside seam on each leg.

Basic Female Star Wars Costumes
To create the Star Wars Padme/Princess Amidala battle costume, find a pair of tight, white stretch pants and a long-sleeved, tight, white, high-neck shirt. Add some beige, leather, knee length boots or faux boot tops. Make a large, beige utility belt that hangs low on the hips to cover the break between pants and shirt so that the outfit looks like a bodysuit. Use thick, folded rectangles of aluminum foil to create silver bands around each upper arm. Cut and hem a piece of plain, beige fabric to create a thick, knee-length cape.

To create the legendary dress Princess Leia wears in the first Star Wars movie, you're going to need to find a dress pattern or dress with a high neck, long sleeves, an ankle-length skirt and billowing style. Her dress is basically a flowing, long, thin, white, turtleneck tunic with a fitted belt. The belt should be thick and slightly curved with silver detail. Add a pair of knee-length white boot or boot tops and a braided bun on each side of your head to finish the look.

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