A List of All Marvel Superheroes

A list of famous superheroes created by the Marvel comic book company could go on for several pages. Marvel has been around since 1939, though they were known as Timely Comics until the 1960s. The company is responsible for a wide range of historic superhero comic books, including Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, The Hulk and The X-Men.

Captain America
Captain America was the quintessential patriotic hero and it's no coincidence that he was created during WWII. In fact, the first Captain America comic ever published showed him punching Hitler. Formerly the weakling Steve Rogers, Captain America takes a special serum that turns him into the perfect soldier. With his powerful body and flawless morals, he always managed to do what was right.

Iron Man
Iron Man comics were first published by Marvel in 1963. Iron Man is rich businessman with genius intelligence. He is kidnapped and invents an iron suit to save himself and another prisoner. Though the other prisoner dies, the iron suit proves formidable enough to destroy the kidnappers. As the suit is upgraded, Iron Man uses nano-technology to fuse the suit with his body and control the functions mentally.

Spiderman is one of the most popular Marvel comic creations of all time. Created by famed comic book artist Stan Lee, the character was introduced in 1962. Spiderman was actually the teenage boy Peter Parker, which created a hero much younger than most superhero comic characters at the time.

A radioactive spider bite gave Spiderman his special powers, including super strength and agility. To disguise his identity and help his crime fighting, Spiderman used his scientific knowledge to create a suit with the ability to shoot webs from the wrists. Unlike most superheroes, Spiderman has to deal with saving the world and becoming an adult all at once, which is part of what made him so adored by younger fans.


The Hulk
The Hulk appeared in 1962 and was a member of The Avengers superhero group. Bruce Banner was a scientist who was blasted with a gamma bomb while saving a wandering teenager. When flushed with adrenaline from excitement or rage, Banner becomes a huge, green monster with massive strength and little mental ability. When he is able to control the monster, Banner works with other superheroes for justice. When he is unable to control the monster, Banner becomes a dangerous and destructive menace.

The X-Men
The X-Men are a group of genetically mutated humans with superpowers. They work together under the direction of the wheelchair-bound, wise, telepathic Professor Xavier. The X-Men have had many different members over the years, including Storm, Jean Gray, Rogue and Angel. Their basic purpose is to stop evil mutants from seizing power. They also try to build peaceful relations between mutants and non-mutants.

A popular X-Men character is Wolverine, a warrior mutant who can grow blades from his knuckles and heal his body rapidly. Cyclops is one of the traditional members of the group. A head-injury made him unable to control the powerful beams spraying from his eyes, creating the need for a special eye-covering device. The extremely intelligent Beast, a strong mutant who mutated again and got stuck with a beast appearance, was another original member of the group.

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