How to Become a Superhero

If you're interested in learning how to become a superhero, odds are good that you have a Type A personality. You like order, the triumph of good over evil and clear rules about what is right and what is wrong. You're a leader, not a follower, and you've reached your maximum potential without some serious, awesome superpower. If you have the drive and the dream, the time has come to embrace your destiny and become the newest superhero on the block.

Consider This Life Change
Committing to the superhero lifestyle isn't for someone looking for a short term cure for boredom. A superhero doesn't just take on battling crime for a week or a month. It's a lifelong commitment, so you need to be sure that you are going to be up for a lifelong challenge.

Think about the number of times Batman tried to lock up the Batcave, the countless times Peter Parker just wanted to live a Spidey-free life with Mary Jane Watson. Unless you're successful in completely eradicating crime and villainy forever, there will come a time at which you are needed and it will be your responsibility to answer the call.

Win the Lottery
If you're looking to hop onto the fast track to superhero status, buy yourself some lottery tickets and win yourself a jackpot. Two of the hottest superheroes today, Batman and Iron Man, are thrilling their followers because their real life alter egos, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, have the money to make things happen. If you want to join their ranks, you'll need to get the money that you'll need to get the power.

Once you have your millions in hand, establish a business empire that will be profitable even if you're out of the office on a regular basis. Hire someone you trust to make the big decisions and cover for you while you're battling crime. If your business can also help you develop the tools and toys you'll need to fight bad guys, that's even better.

Play With Fire, Get Burned
If you've spent more time and money on lottery tickets than you'd care to admit and have still yet to take home the jackpot, the time has come to develop some superhuman powers. Unless you've been born into Superman's awesome skillset (great speed, strength and the ability to fly) or you have some X-Men-styled quirky DNA, you're going to have to deal with some discomfort before you can harness super powers.

How will you do it? Well, Peter Parker had a run-in with a spider and Steve Roberts didn't become Captain America until a top-secret government experiment, so your best bet will be straying into unauthorized areas. If there's darkness, if there's danger, your odds improve for running into a situation that could lead to superpowers. Keep in mind, however, that this could also get you killed.

Come Up With Your Shtick
Once you've acquired your power, whether through economic or physical change, it's crucial to have a strong name and an awesome outfit. Think of words that are strong and unbreakable. Be sure to do your research, studying collectible comic books and items to be sure you don't accidentally take someone else's name. You need a sharp name and a sharp outfit that will impress a crowd and frighten the baddies.

Be Humble
Once you have the power, the duds, the tools and the fan base, you're well on your way to ascending the ranks of superhero status. As you do so, don't forget the little people who helped you out along the way. Take care of your parents, aunts, uncles, assistants and friends. No one likes a stuck up snob-not even one who can save the world. 

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