Who Is the Most Powerful Superhero

Who is the most powerful superhero? The question can spark an endless debate among any group of comic book fans. Though there are many modern heroes in current comic book publications, the true greats remain the classic superheroes with several different comics, movies and themed merchandise to their names.

Powerful Superheroes
Many different superheroes are powerful in their own special ways. If truth or physical appearance creates power, then Wonder Women's curvy body and lasso of truth have every other candidate beat. If general popularity and a unique ability to shoot webs creates power, then Spiderman takes the crown. If it's general combat strengths that create power, Batman, Superman and Wolverine would have to be the top contenders.

Batman, first introduced in the DC comic Detective Comics in 1939, is either the most powerful superhero or the weakest superhero, depending on how you look at it. Batman could be considered the most powerful superhero because he is a regular man who used his brain and wealth to become a powerful hero. However, he could also be considered the weakest superhero because he has no superhuman powers.

Though quick, smart and strong, Batman's biggest power is obscene wealth. If caught in his pajamas, Batman has no superpowers and could easily be defeated. It's his endless supply of unique tools and inventions that help make him so popular. From his sleek batmobile and fancy armor suit to his computerized Batcave and bat-boomerang weapons, he's all about the cool toys. Comic book history has teamed him up head-to-head with Superman many times, though, and Batman has proven to be a truly powerful hero.

It can be, and often is, argued that Superman is one of the most powerful superheroes ever created. He has super strength, speed, hearing, vision and can fly. His only real weakness is the rare chunk of green kryptonite. He is also one of the few classic superheroes who are from another planet. This all means that Superman could be in nothing but his underwear and still fly or throw any annoyance into outer space to get rid of it.

Superman's powerful status is not only based on his amazing powers, but also on the fact that Superman was the first major comic book superhero ever created. First published in 1938, the comic was created by Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster and DC comics. The single character began the superhero comic book movement that now includes thousands of characters from publishers across the globe.

According to the most recent interpretations of the X-Men comic book character Wolverine, he is almost indestructible. Wolverine has no major weak point the way Superman does. Wolverine has to be almost obliterated to die, otherwise his body simply heals. However, if distracted, somebody could simply slice Wolverine's head off and be done with him.

Wolverine is the ultimate rebel and anti-hero with a rough look and style that helps protect his kind heart. In addition to his razor-sharp claws, Wolverine has super vision, hearing, agility, speed and strength. Though he cannot fly or shoot webs from his wrists, his sheer endurance makes him an overwhelming force. He may not be able to beat a villain the first time around, but he can keep coming back repeatedly until he figures out a way to win.

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