Who Is the Strongest Superhero

Who is the strongest superhero? The question has several different answers depending on whom exactly you ask. However, if you focus on brute strength, Superman would have to be the top contender.

Origins of Superman
Superman was born on the planet Krypton and named Kal-El by his loving parents. However, Krypton was a dying planet, so the infant Kal-El's parents placed him in a rocket and sent him to Earth. The infant was found and adopted by a kindly farmer and his wife, Jonathan and Martha Kent, who named him Clark. As Clark Kent grew older, he gained more and more abilities until he finally became Superman as a young adult.

Superman's Superpowers
Superman has a wide variety of special powers. He can fly at will, see through objects, and shoot heat rays from his eyes. Superman is so strong that he can lift a large airplane over his head and throw it like a baseball. He also has super lungs that can blow gale-force winds and super hearing that can focus on a single voice in the random noise of a city. He's faster than a speeding bullet, and can travel from the Earth to the moon at lightening speed.

Depending on whether you refer to the Superman movie or the Superman comic, he's able to fly into outer space without a special breathing machine or he is able to fly into outer space only with a breathing machine. Regardless of the specifics, he is able to fly into outer space without a special suit. His body is also naturally strong and almost invulnerable to damage.

Superman's Weakness
Superman's only real weakness is to the rare piece of green kryptonite. Kryptonite is the rock from the superheroes home world of Krypton. The rock neutralizes Superman's powers and turns him into a weakling.

Superman vs. Other Superheroes
While Superman's perfect moral code would never permit him to attack another superhero, that doesn't mean he couldn't win a fight with them. Superman's variety of powers gives him an assortment of strengths for use in any situation.

  • Batman. Superman could use his super hearing to determine when Batman was out of his suit and use his heat ray eyes to turn the bat superhero into ashes.
  • Spiderman. Superman could use his lightening speed to squish Spiderman like a bug before the spider superhero had a chance to sense danger.
  • Wolverine. Superman could use his lightening speed to sneak up on Wolverine, his heat ray eyes to stun him and his strength to throw the beast superhero into an active volcano to guarantee his body is too injured to heal.
  • Wonder Woman. Superman could grab Wonder Woman while she was flying in her invisible plane and toss her into the sun.
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