How Do I Become a Contestant on the Amazing Race

"How do I become a contestant on the Amazing Race?" Many people ask this question once they see this popular reality TV show, which captures the attention of millions each week. Not only is the Amazing Race a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but winners also receive $1 million dollars. With its non-stop adventure and cultural experiences, many people clamor for the opportunity to become part of the Amazing Race.

What is the Amazing Race?
The Amazing Race is a television show on CBS that debuted in 2001. Since its introduction, the Amazing Race has spurred several versions worldwide, in Asia, South America and the Middle East. The show begins each season with 22 people grouped into pairs, or teams, of two. The individuals in the teams are in some way related. The teams are most commonly comprised of spouses, boyfriend/girlfriend, parent/child, siblings or best friends. Each episode follows the teams as they solve clues by racing around the globe. Teams are given a small stipend, but they most often must make creative choices in order to eat, sleep, travel and perform their tasks. Teams are eliminated based on who arrives last, but they are sometimes given a reprieve. The winning team receives a million-dollar prize at the end of the season.

Application Process
Toward the end of the season, the Amazing Race opens up casting for the next season. In order to apply, you will need to wait until the casting is open to the public. Becoming a cast member of the Amazing Race is not an easy process. It requires a combination of answering essay questions, providing still photos and making a video. It is important that your personality shine through in both your video and your written application. Anticipate questions that explore the relationship between you and your team mate, such as the qualities that most annoy you about each other. Be sure to visit the CBS site at the end of the season for a printable application. You and your team mate will both need to fill out separate applications.

You will also need to meet the various requirements for being a contestant on the Amazing Race. You are required to be 21 years old and have both a driver's license and a US Passport. You must also be a US citizen. A surprising stipulation is that you are forbidden from being an elected government official or running for office within one year of your appearance on the Amazing Race, should you be selected.

Making the video can be fun because you are able to convey your personality in a way that suggests what you would be like on the actual show. The video must be three minutes long and feature both team mates. It should include why you think you are the perfect contestants for the show.

After you have finished the video, send it in DVD or VHS form along with proof of passports, photos of yourself and your partner individually and as a team and the application to one of the 10 cities nearest you. These cities are as follows:

1. Los Angeles, CA
2. New York, NY
3. Seattle, WA
4. Chicago, IL
5. Dallas, TX
6. Detroit, MI
7. Boston, MA
8. Atlanta, GA
9. Miami, FL
10. Denver, CO

Be sure to include the number of the city on your envelope and mail it to:

The Amazing Race Casting (City # ___)
200 North Continental Blvd., 2nd floor
El Segundo, CA 90245 

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Find articles about application for the amazing race, amazing race winners, amazing race party ideas and how do i become a contestant on the amazing race.

Find articles about application for the amazing race, amazing race winners, amazing race party ideas and how do i become a contestant on the amazing race.

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