Your Application for the Amazing Race

The application for the Amazing Race is your first step to becoming a contestant. The application itself is lengthy and involved, and it must include a video submission. Do you have what it takes to be an Amazing Race competitor?

Amazing Race requirements.
First and foremost, take a look at the Amazing Race requirements, and make sure you meet all of them. You must be at least 21, be a US citizen with a valid US passport, and have a pre-existing relationship with your partner. Participants cannot be convicted felons.

Finally, potential contestants must be in good health and must be able to travel for initial interviews, as well as devote at least a month to filming the show. You can go to and click on the Casting option to review full eligibility requirements.

Complete the application.
If you meet all of the eligibility requirements, it's time to fill out the application. The Amazing Race application may vary slightly from season to season, but it's approximately 13 pages in length. The application requests everything from basic information, such as contact information and occupation, to more detailed requests for information designed to convey a sense of your personality.

Many of the questions on the Amazing Race application are designed to give producers a sense of the dynamic that you have with your potential partner. Several pages of the application deal with things like pet peeves about your partner, issues you've had and resolved, things you like to do together-all designed to tell the producers not only about you, but also about how you and your partner interact. Producers are looking for dynamic duos who will bring entertainment value to the show, so keep this in mind when completing the application.

Create your video.
Along with your application, you must submit a video that features both you and your partner together. The video must be no more than three minutes in length. The only formats that CBS accepts are VHS or DVD. In this video, you can talk about whatever you want, but it's designed to give producers a sense of who each partner is and how you interact together. Producers are looking for energetic, fun individuals who are going to make an entertaining show, so let your personality shine through in your video.

The interview process.
If the producers like your application and video, they may invite you to an in-person interview in a major city near you. It's your responsibility to provide transportation to and from this city, as well as lodgings while you're there. If you make it past the initial interview, producers may invite you to finalist interviews in Los Angeles. The Amazing Race provides airfare to those interviews, as well as lodgings. From there, the producers choose the final contestants.

Tips to keep in mind.
The Amazing Race is an intense reality game show that requires foreign travel and sometimes stressful situations. You'll have to sign medical waivers as part of the application process, since you might get hurt during filming. The Amazing Race can also be stressful on the partners involved, so make sure you and your teammate are ready for the intensity of the show before you sign up.

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Find articles about application for the amazing race, amazing race winners, amazing race party ideas and how do i become a contestant on the amazing race.

Find articles about application for the amazing race, amazing race winners, amazing race party ideas and how do i become a contestant on the amazing race.

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