Why Did Sasha Alexander Leave NCIS

Sasha Alexander’s leave from NCIS was unexpected by many of the television show’s viewers. Her role ended abruptly at the end of Season 2. While her character’s demise wove into the NCIS storyline, Sasha Alexander’s personal reasons explained why she left the show.

Other TV shows: Sasha Alexander’s role on NCIS

As the character of Caitlin Todd, Sasha Alexander was a part of the main cast of NCIS for its first two seasons on CBS. Todd was a Field Special Agent on the Major Case Response Team of NCIS. NCIS is an acronym for Naval Criminal Investigative Services.

While NCIS is a real unit, the television show presented a fictional portrayal of agents that included Todd. Actor Mark Harmon, who portrayed Special Agent Jethro Gibbs, led the investigators on the team. In 2005, the demise of Alexander’s character Todd was a shock to many fans.

NCIS storyline ended Sasha Alexander’s role

Sasha Alexander’s role as Caitlin Todd ended with a gunshot. In the last episode of NCIS’s second season, a double agent shot Todd in the head. According to script, terrorist Air Haswari shot her.

The episode “Twilight” ended the season with the dramatic gunshot. Fans were notably sad and angry at the loss of Alexander’s Caitlin Todd character. These emotions were evident by the messages that they wrote on online boards, aimed toward show creator Don Bellisario. Fans did not realize that it was Sasha Alexander’s choice to leave NCIS.

Sasha Alexander chose to leave NCIS

The decision to leave NCIS was one made by Sasha Alexander, rather than by the show’s creator. After two years on the show, she had spent longer on one project than ever before. Bellisario released a statement that Alexander “just didn’t think she had the stamina” to continue with the TV role on NCIS.

At the time of Sasha Alexander’s leave from the TV show, it was not popular as it would be in later seasons. By season 10, NCIS had received nominations for numerous People’s Choice Awards and Emmy Awards. Perhaps another reason she left was the show had earner her little media coverage.

Another reason for Sasha Alexander’s leave from NCIS may have been to pursue other television projects. In 2010, she began a series on the TNT network called Rizzoli & Isles. She played medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles alongside detective Jane Rizzoli played by Angie Harmon. Alexander may have wanted to play a new character and expand her acting portfolio.

When Sasha Alexander left NCIS, viewers expressed shock. They later learned that the decision to leave was Alexander’s own, rather than being a decision by the TV shows’ creator. A terrorist killed Alexander in the Season 2 finale. She left the series she did not think she had the stamina to continue with the role while she may also have wanted to expand her acting resume and gain more media coverage.

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