Tips for a Successful American Idol Audition

The 2010 season of the reality hit American Idol is nearly here. There is no doubt that it will debut with a massive television audience, famous celebrity guests, and of course, lots seriously horrible audition footage. If you are considering auditioning this summer for the next cycle of American Idol, use the following tips and suggestions to help you avoid bombing your audition and ending up at the receiving end of Simon Cowell?'s displeasure.

What is Your Story?

Although the producers of American Idol have discovered some amazing talent over the years, it is a good idea to keep in mind that they are interested in more than talent. American Idol is a reality television program that needs touching, hilarious, and interesting applicant background stories to make it relatable for viewers. Part of the auditioning process is interviewing. During the day of the audition hundreds of American Idol staff wander the crowd and video interview people. They are looking for unique, emotional, and crazy applicants to make the upcoming season interesting.

Before you go to the audition, it is a good idea if you have a story to tell the American Idol staff. Was it a struggle to travel all the way to auditions? Do you have a family member who has supported your dreams of stardom no matter what? Are you dedicating your performance to a certain someone? In the past there have been applicants who have dressed up in a full hot-dog regalia, sold their wedding rings, and hand-made gifts for certain judges, all for the chance to gain special notice from the judges or the producers.

Read the Network Instructions

American Idol has already produced and released hundreds of audition suggestions, practice videos, and Internet blogs. It is most likely that their staff has been trained to follow the rules of the network. It is important for applicants to follow the outlined suggestions already made and released by American Idol. It is a good idea to do a broad Internet search for already existing suggestions released by Fox, American Idol, or an American Idol judge.

Make Your Fifteen Seconds Count

On the day of audition, the first thing you will do is audition for one of the American Idol staff. You will line up at the venue and wait for your opportunity to shine. Some of these judges do not give applicants very much time to sing. You may only have ten to fifteen seconds to make an impression. It is best to choose a song with a big impact that also flatters your voice. If you do not have a big voice, try singing an unusual song. Sometimes you will be sent to the next round just for picking a song that is atypical. No matter what you sing, make your time in front of the staff valuable because more than half of the contestants are cut after the first round.

If at First You Don?'t Succeed

Try Again. If you are cut without a second glance, do not be alarmed. Most people need a second or even a third try to be able to get over their nervousness and really shine. Many applicants get so nervous and overwhelmed during the first audition that they do not sing as well as they are really able to. The more you practice and familiarize yourself with the audition process, the easier it will be.  

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