Wipeout FAQ

Wipeout is a United States game show that is something of a parody of obstacle course reality shows. Unlike shows like Gladiators, Wipeout is designed so that contestants fail for comedic effect, not to weed out the weak. In fact, the course is not only designed to make people fail, but it is designed to make it even funnier when they do.

Where is the Wipeout obstacle course?

Wipeout is filmed in Santa Clarita, California at Sable Ranch. Sable Ranch is used for other television and film projects as well.

Who hosts Wipeout?

Wipeout has three hosts, as of 2012. John Anderson and John Henson do the commentary hosting off location. Vanessa Lachey and Jill Wagner do interviews with guests on the course and just off the course. They also give a little entertaining and hilarious running commentary as well.

Has Wipeout won many awards?

Despite its sort of wacky premise, Wipeout is quite popular, particularly with younger children. It has been the recipient of numerous awards. One that stands out was the 2012 Favorite Reality Show award at the Kids Choice Awards. That award made Wipeout the first reality show ever to beat American Idol at that particular awards show.

What is the prize for winning Wipeout?

As tempting as it sounds, people do not go on television and humiliate themselves on Wipeout for no reason. The Wipeout Champion is not only the least clumsy of the bunch; he or she is also the winner of $50,000 dollars.

What are the obstacles on Wipeout?

There have been a great many obstacles on Wipeout. Some, like the Yule Log Jam, are specifically for season themed Wipeout shows. The theme changes frequently and so do the obstacles. However, there are some oft-used favorites, such as Big Balls. The obstacle gets changed slightly to fit a theme on occasion, but it is always there to knock contestants off the course.

What other shows are like Wipeout?

The American version of Takeshi's Castle, which is called MXC, is perhaps the most similar American show. It has the same comic gag theme. In fact, the makers of Wipeout were sued because of the similarity between Wipeout, MXC and several Japanese game shows. MXC was more blatantly Japanese in origin, but their parent show was Japanese. The makers of Wipeout claimed they were not inspired by these shows.

Does Wipeout air in countries other than the United States?

Yes. Wipeout has gone international. The popular game show airs in more than 30 territories, as of 2012.

Is there a Wipeout App for iPhones?

Yes. The iPhone App for Wipeout was released in August of 2012. It was, and remained one month later, one of the top Apps in the App store.

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