Why Did Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz Divorce

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, most commonly known for their roles on "I Love Lucy," were not only married onscreen, but offscreen as well. They had met prior to their roles on "I Love Lucy" when they both featured in the movie "Too Many Girls" in 1940. Lucille 28, and Desi, 23, were married the same year they met.

The pair had struggled to keep their marriage alive. Both of them were extremely busy with their careers. Lucille was an actress and Desi was a band member as well as an actor. He was even in the Army in the beginning of their relationship.

Lucille and Desi had two children together, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. Their children made several appearances in their parents' sitcoms. They even starred in their own and went on to win awards for their acting.

The problems in Lucy and Desi's marriage

Lucy and Desi had many problems in their marriage. Desi was a big drinker and it would cause friction between the two, almost causing them to divorce in 1944. When he would get drunk, Lucy and he would have extremely terrible fights. Lucy couldn't handle the angst among them which caused her to file for divorce only a few years into the marriage. The two ended up patching things up and she quickly stopped the divorce from proceeding.

In an effort to save their marriage, Lucy and Desi decided it was best for him to stay off the road and stop traveling. The pair created the sitcom, "I Love Lucy" in which both of them starred. They played an onscreen married couple and the show was a success. However, the problems in their marriage remained.

Desi would work up to 14 hours a day and spend his weekends hiding out on his boat. This really put a strain on their marriage. Lucille actually tried to shoot Desi in the head with a gun at one point. When she pulled the trigger, a flame came out, which Desi used to light his cigar.

In 1960 the pair finally filed for divorce. Lucy just couldn't handle it any longer. She explained that it would've only gotten worse had the two tried to stay together. Lucy and Desi were better off separated. Lucy went on to remarry another man for 28 years and remained happy with her new marriage and life. Desi decided to retire and marry his neighbor.

When Desi died, Lucy was there. The two have always said they would love each other no matter what. However, they just couldn't get along in the duration of their marriage.

Desi and Lucille and America's love for the pair

America fell in love with the married couple, even more so with their characters on "I Love Lucy", Lucy and Ricky. Lucy and Ricky always made up after fights by the end of each episode. Unfortunately, they couldn't pull their real marriage together like they could their TV marriage.

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