What Is TV Show Awkward About

The teen comedy TV show Awkward has received praise from viewers and critics for its realism and witty writing. The series, which airs on MTV, takes a satirical look at the lives of teenagers in high school, and how certain events during these years can completely change a person's life around. If you're thinking of tuning into this popular series, take a look at some of the main characters and major themes you can expect to see.

Main storyline of the TV show Awkward

The series centers around teenager Jenna Hamilton, who is 15 years old as of the first episode. Jenna is an "invisible" outcast who is very intelligent and optimistic, but suffers from social awkwardness that leaves her with very few friends.

Jenna receives a mysterious letter from an anonymous source, which says that if she were to disappear, nobody would even notice. The letter is presented as a "care-frontation", meant to encourage Jenna to come out of her shell.

After reading the letter, Jenna suffers a catastrophic accident in her bathroom which leaves her beaten up, and leads everyone else to believe she was trying to commit suicide. When she returns to school, she suddenly becomes known as "that girl" or the girl who tried to kill herself.

At first, Jenna hates her new status as "that girl," but she eventually decides to make some changes in her life and take advantage of her new-found fame in her school. She is determined to become popular for more than just a botched suicide attempt.

Much of the series showcases Jenna's blossoming love life, her interactions with her peers, and many of the awkward and hilarious problems that teenagers face in high school.

Major characters of the TV show Awkward

Awkward teenager Jenna Hamilton is the main character of the TV show Awkward, and most of the major characters are various people from her daily life.

  • Matty McKibben. Matty is a popular, handsome athlete, who is Jenna's first love interest on the show. He is overly cautious about what others think of him, so insists that his relationship with Jenna be kept a secret.
  • Lacey Hamilton. Jenna's mom, Lacey, is portrayed as quite immature, even compared to her teenage daughter. She is addicted to plastic surgery and seemingly clueless about how to raise a child.
  • Valerie Marks. Ms. Marks is Jenna's school counselor, and provides quite a bit of comic relief on the show. She performs her vocation more out of loneliness than out of professionalism, and often behaves inappropriately around the students.
  • Tamara Kaplan. "T" is Jenna's best friend, with a loud, spunky personality. She is open about her desire to be popular and accepted.
  • Jake Rosati. Jake is Jenna's second love interest, the intelligent and popular class president. He is friends with Matty, but thinks for himself rather than worrying what other people think. He and Jenna start out as friends, but eventually there is a love triangle between Jenna, Matty and Jake.
  • Sadie Saxton. Sadie is Jenna's high school nemesis, who always has something mean to say. She is slightly overweight, which Jenna believes she tries to overcompensate for by acting snobbish and entitled.

Teens and adults alike can find a humorous and compelling storyline in the TV show Awkward. Join Jenna and her friends for some realistic high school hijinks when you tune in to this favorite MTV show.

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