How Do I Become a Contestant on Survivor

"How do I become a contestant on Survivor?" is a question that many fans ask after watching the show. With its exotic locations and an opportunity to win a million dollars, Survivor inspires thousands of people to apply for every season. How can you become a contestant?

Make sure you meet the requirements.
In order to become a contestant on Survivor, you must meet a few basic requirements. Former contestants, family members of contestants or former contestants, or employees or family members of CBS are not eligible to be on Survivor. You must also be in excellent health to become a contestant, as the show is often extremely physically demanding. You must meet minimum age requirements, which vary depending on your state, and you must have a valid United States passport.

Complete an application.
If you meet the requirements for Survivor, you can fill out an application, available at The application asks for a lot of basic information, including contact information, occupation, marital status and children. It also asks about education, hobbies, personality traits and details that might make you an interesting contestant. Survivor producers are looking for people whom viewers will love, or hate, and they will evaluate the applications accordingly. Be honest on your application, but put some thought into your answers because it's your opportunity to catch producers' interest.

Submit a video.
Along with the application, you must submit a video of three minutes or less. The video can only be in DVD or VHS format; no other formats are accepted. Applications without a video won't be considered, so make sure you include the video. The video is your opportunity to shine and catch producers' attention. You can talk about yourself, your profession, your family or your reasons for wanting to be a contestant-whatever you think is special enough to interest the producers. Again, be honest on the video, but be as energetic and engaging as possible to ensure the producers want to talk further with you.

Attend an Open Call.
Alternately, you can attend an open casting call if Survivor hosts one in your location. Survivor usually conducts several open casting calls in major cities, where you simply show up, complete an application on-site and get some face-time with the producers.

Keep in mind that producers interview hundreds of applicants this way, so you must be extraordinary at an open casting call to get producers' attention. You have less control over the impression that producers get at an open casting call; with a video, you can review and re-tape it if you don't like what you see. At an open casting call, you have only one chance to make an impression. If you know you can make a good one, this might be worthwhile.

Go through the interview process.
If the producers like your application and video, you'll be invited to attend an interview in one of several major cities. It's your responsibility to provide transport to and from these initial interviews. If you pass the initial round of interviews, you may be invited to attend the semi-final interviews in Los Angeles. Survivor pays for economy airfare and lodgings for semi-finalists. Finally, if you pass the semi-final round, you may be invited to become the next contestant on Survivor.

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