How Much Does Each Contestant on Survivor Receive

How much does each contestant on Survivor receive? The winner of every cycle receives one million dollars, but other contestants typically walk away with cash, too. How much?

Competing for the grand prize.
The grand prize for winning Survivor is one million dollars. Survivor contestants are competing for the grand prize, but only the winner gets the million dollars. The winner must also comply with specific rules set forth by the producers, which they do not disclose to the general public. If a winner doesn't comply with producers' requirements, they may not receive the grand prize.

Cash prizes for semi-finalists.
Generally speaking, Survivor contestants who make it to the end of the show still receive significant cash prizes. The second-place contestant may receive over two hundred thousand dollars, and third- and fourth-place winners may still receive over one hundred thousand dollars. Subsequent contestants receive declining values in cash prizes, but Survivor traditionally awards cash prizes to every contestant.

Survivor does not disclose cash prizes up front.
The only cash prize denomination you know going into a cycle is the million-dollar cash prize for the Survivor winner. CBS states that other contestants may receive cash prizes, but the network does not disclose the amounts to applicants. If you're thinking about going on the show to earn some cash, you'll likely walk away with something, but CBS does not guarantee cash prizes. The lowest-known cash prize is $2,500 for the first contestant eliminated in a cycle, although Survivor may award lower amounts and simply not disclose it.

Other financial perks.
In addition to cash prizes, Survivor contestants sometimes get other awards that have cash value. For example, Survivor contestants in some cycles are invited to compete for a vehicle. All Survivor contestants get free airfare and lodging, which while not cash, does have cash value.

Survivor compensation beyond the cycle.
Opportunities to receive cash prizes don't stop when a Survivor contestant is booted off the show. Survivor contestants are also awarded cash prizes for attending reunion shows, and they may have the opportunity to compete in an All-Star show with higher cash prizes in the future. CBS occasionally has opportunities for Survivor contestants to receive additional cash prizes due to user voting or popularity contests.

Leverage Survivor participation into other cash opportunities.
Many Survivor contestants go on to put in appearances on other television shows or pursue additional business opportunities. Appearing on Survivor can be the gateway to making more money, but not everyone gets that lucky, so it's not a certainty for all contestants.

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