Survivor Contestants You Can't Forget

Some Survivor contestants went above and beyond simply playing the game to become the people you love-and love to hate. Do you remember these Survivor contestants?

Rupert Boneham.
What Survivor fan doesn't know Rupert Boneham? Rupert appeared on Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: All Stars, and he was a huge hit in American households. Rupert captured so many American hearts that he won a call-in vote as the most popular Survivor and received a million-dollar prize.

Rob and Amber Mariano.
Rob and Amber, affectionately and not-so-affectionately referred to as Romber, remained in the spotlight long after they competed on the show. After meeting on Survivor: All Stars, Rob and Amber got engaged on the show, married on a CBS broadcast and went on to film Rob and Amber: Against the Odds for Fox. They also appeared on The Amazing Race and Amazing Race: All Stars.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck appeared on Survivor's second season, and she was definitely one of the most likeable characters in the first several seasons. Elisabeth turned her Survivor appearance into a spot on The Look for Less. This spot provided an opportunity for her to become a co-host for The View talk show.

Cirie Fields.
Cirie didn't start her time on Survivor: Micronesia well. She threw in the towel early and was even told that she'd be going home soon on an early episode of her season. However, Cirie managed to turn it all around and survive through tribal infighting and increasingly difficult challenges. Ultimately, Cirie made it to the final four of her season, and she became a symbol for challenging and overcoming limitations.

Jonny Fairplay.
Unlike some of the other memorable Survivor contestants, Jonny Fairplay isn't so much lovable as infamous. His notoriety stems from the despicable lie that he set up for his Survivor: Pearl Islands appearance. Jonny got a friend to tell him that his grandmother died on the show, while he was on the show, to gain sympathy. When it was revealed that his grandmother was alive, Fairplay became one of the Survivor contestants that people love to hate.

Richard Hatch.
As a Survivor contestant, Richard Hatch was memorable for a number of reasons, including his penchant for running around naked and his participation in a power team that ultimately led to his win. Unfortunately, off the show, Hatch gained his own form of infamy, including charges of child abuse and a stint in jail due to tax evasion.

Colby Donaldson.
Colby Donaldson is a Survivor contestant who was playing to win, and then he lost it all on a poor strategic decision. Colby dominated Survivor: The Australian Outback, and then he lost the game when he chose to bring a more likeable contestant, Tina Wesson, into the tribal council instead of the member whom he would have almost certainly beaten. Colby has parlayed his Survivor appearance into a budding acting career, though, with spots on a number of TV shows since his initial Survivor appearance. 

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