How to Get Talk Show Tickets

Getting talk show tickets so you can be part of a live studio audience is a great way to get up close with your favorite talk show hosts. Many talk shows provide free giveaways to audience members, making it even more fun to attend a taping. Most talk show tickets are free, so decide which show you want to see and track down the ticket office.

Getting Talk Show Tickets
Most of the popular talk shows have their own Web site swhere fans can get more information on taping dates and times.

  • Online: Some talk shows, like The Tyra Show, The Ellen DeGeneres ShowThe Daily Show with Jon StewartLate Show with David Letterman or Dr. Phil, allow fans to sign up for tickets online. Simply fill out the form to request free tickets and submit your information. Within a few weeks, someone from the show will call you back and confirm the time and date of your tickets and get a little more information from you about where to send the tickets.
  • Mail: You can write to the talk show to request tickets. The Jerry Springer ShowLive With Regis and Kelly and a few others give fans the option to write in to request tickets. Simply mail your request to the address listed on the Web site and specify the date desired, your contact information and number of tickets. You will be contacted by someone from the show's ticket office with details.
  • Phone: The majority of talk shows feature a phone-in ticket reservation option. The Oprah Winfrey Show and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon are examples of talk shows with call centers that accept ticket reservations.

Ticket Tips
Most of the talk shows have specific requirements when it comes to making ticket reservations. While the tickets are free, the shows place restrictions on who can get them and how often.

  • Many talk shows have an age restriction, usually nobody under 18 unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Talk shows often have minimum age restrictions for those who can attend-usually nobody younger than 10 years old is allowed into a taping.
  • Most ticket requests cannot be closer than six months apart. That means if you do get tickets for a talk show, you cannot get more for another six months.
  • Many of the popular talk shows are booked months in advance so call early.
  • When you attend the show, make sure you bring a valid photo ID and prepare for a security check. You'll also be asked to leave any cameras, cell phones and pagers outside the studio.
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