How to Start a Talk Show

Do you want to start a talk show? Journalists, local celebrities and prominent members of the community may be interested in how to start a show, as it is a great way to bring issues into the open and provide entertainment for listeners.

Media Options
In order to get a talk show show into the cars and living rooms of the listening public, talk show hosts need to get access to either the public radio station or public television channels. These media venues usually sell air time in segments, and the price varies from location to location.

Another increasingly popular medium for a talk show is through the Internet, using podcast or webcast technology. Many talk shows consider soliciting local businesses for advertising dollars in exchange for commercials or announcements on the air.

Show Focus
Every talk show should focus on a specific format, whether it's sports, politics, local news or even a niche topic, like gardening. The show's format should be something the talk show hosts are willing to keep up to date on so they can bring the listeners the latest information. To keep the show fresh and current, hosts should plan on introducing topics, books, articles and relevant guests continually. Talk show hosts should develop contacts within the subject matter and subscribe to relevant publications so they can continue to stay abreast of the challenges, successes and developments of the field.

Show Format
Talk shows vary in their format. There are talk shows with on-air guests, call in segments from listeners and host monologues. Sketch out the format of the show and line up the necessary people and equipment to carry it out. For example, on a local weekly political talk show, the host may open the hour-long show with a five-minute summary of the week's newsworthy topic. Then, the host may welcome the guest, the mayor of the town. After 10 minutes of interview, the host may then open up the phone lines to take calls from local citizens to ask questions and offer their opinion on the topic of discussion.

Make Money
When the radio, TV or Internet talk show is garnering some significant listening numbers, the hosts have a shot at making money with the venture. Talk show hosts can continue to expand the advertising revenue and sell more airtime. They can syndicate the show and sell it to other distributors. Some talk shows even charge a small fee for guests to come on their shows to discuss products or services-a bargain price to promote their business to so many listeners.

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Most talk show host techniques are time-tested and audience-approved. Most talk shows today follow a certain formula that has proven successful for showcasing the talk show host's personality and bringing the important issues to the listener, whether those issues are political views, news events, some type of skill learning or merely entertaining or teaching the audience.

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