How to Make Sock Puppets

Sock puppets are one of the easiest types to create at home. Kids will love making these puppets-and the supplies you need and are probably already around the house.

Sock Puppets
Ingredients You Will Need
An old sock, preferably long enough so it'll cover your hand and your arm
Markers or craft paint made for fabric
Paintbrush, if using paint
Add-ons: buttons, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms, ribbon, fabric scraps, etc.
Glue or glue gun

Gather your supplies and based on what you have, plan your puppets. If you have a tan sock you might want to make a giraffe, a white sock might work well for a clown or a green sock could be a frog. If you're creating a clown, red-colored yarn pieces for his hair would be fun, while a frog would benefit from googly eyes.

Put the sock on your hand or a friend's hand, with fingers in the toe of the sock and your thumb in the heel, to gage where you should place facial features. Use a pencil to put marks if needed.

Take your hand out of the sock and grab your paint and paintbrush or your markers and start adding the fun stuff. You could paint a bunch of brown spots on a giraffe or make big red lips for your clown or frog.

Glue on all the extras. Add bows, eyes, cut out letters, pipe cleaners shaped as ears and so on to finish off your sock puppets.

Put on a show. Now that you have made your sock puppets, it's time to slip your hand inside and show off your talents.

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