How to Create Original Writing Ideas

If you want to create original writing ideas, then first you have to create original ideas for how to create original writing ideas. Sound complicated? Don't worry; it's not as bad as it sounds. Basically, you just need to come up with unique ways to generate plots, characters, topics, or whatever it is you are trying to write. If you simply rely on the same old tactics for getting inspired, then your ideas are not likely to be particularly creative.

Many people get their writing ideas either by using their own experiences and observations, or by trying to put a twist on something they have read, heard, or watched before. This is why we get nothing but sequels and remakes out of Hollywood; musty, predictable plots in the novels we read; and the same stale tips and quips in the articles from which we seek valuable information.

If you really want to create truly original writing ideas, then you need to stretch your imagination beyond the standard fare. One exercise that can help you do this successfully is a "mix and match draw." Here's what you do: Open a magazine that has varied content (such as a TV Guide or Time or USAToday -- you don't want Sports Illustrated or Field and Stream). Or if you prefer, simply use a dictionary.

Then you need to randomly flip through the pages and point your finger blindly on the page. Whatever word your finger lands on, write it down on a slip of paper. If you land on a picture, write the word that represents the picture. Repeat this process until you have at least 30 different words (but the more, the better). Then mix all of the words up, put them in a hat or something similar, and draw two or three out at a time.

This process will help you put words and ideas together that you might never have thought of otherwise; or ideas that no one else would have ever thought of -- and that is, after all, what makes for a truly original idea.

For example you may draw the words "million," "time," and "apple." This could get your thought process going in many different directions. You might think about a worm that has eaten an apple for the millionth time. You may think about a millionaire who is never on time because he is addicted to his Apple computer. The possibilities are endless. And with every new set of words you draw, you will be able to spark a whole new creative expedition.

This is just one of many unique strategies that will help you spark your imagination and help you create original writing ideas. You may even get inspired just trying to think up your own idea-generating strategies. The important thing is to never settle for the obvious. Stretch that mind beyond its comfortable limits, and those original creative writing ideas you crave will abound.

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