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Going vegan doesn't mean you have to give up sweet treats. Try out these simple recipes for delectable vegan cookies.
Used appropriately, cat treats really can help make caring for your cat easier and more enjoyable for both of you.
Want to make your Christmas tree last longer? Get tips on choosing a tree and providing care to help it last for four weeks or more.
Ever wonder how to start a blog? You see blogs all over the Internet, with more and more of them cropping up every day. Do you think you have what it takes to blog? Follow these simple steps to start a blog of your very own.
Learn how to carve a pumpkin beautifully and safely with these pumpkin carving tips.
Cleaning cat ears is a necessary task to prevent long-term hearing damage, but it's not one of the most pleasant experiences you'll have with your feline. These tips will make it easier.
Japanese Maple is a beautiful landscape addition, but these trees require vigilance to keep them free of disease. Learn how to spot and treat the most common afflictions.
A smoke tree will provide lovely blossoms in spring and stunning fall foliage. Best of all, this tree practically thrives on neglect.
Edible Christmas gifts are appropriate for everyone, and they're a perfect way to stretch your holiday budget.
The facts on bullying are sobering; half of all children experience bullying, which can lead to problems in school and emotional issues.
Learn how to recognize the signs of teething in babies, and what to do when teething begins.
Greenhouse gardening is a great way to extend the growing season, but it does take a little more work than growing plants outdoors.
Every child has a preferred learning style that offers clues for finding the best way of teaching. Learn how to find your child's learning style and how some simple changes can help your child succeed in school.
Learn where you can get both types of homeschool books that you'll need: those for the kids to use, and those to teach you how to do it.
Learn how to sew narrow edging to a hem, and you'll have a quick way to freshen up the look of your favorite clothes.
What are learning styles? While each of us learns through a combination of sight, sound and touch, children have a dominant learning style that influences their ability to understand schoolwork.
Paper ornaments are a simple and fun holiday craft. They're also great if you've got pets or small children, because you needn't worry about them breaking.
What is a preposition? If you see words describing time or place, there's a very good chance that they're prepositions.
Stuck looking for social studies fair ideas? Here are some suggestions for presentations.
One of the most important stranger safety facts for parents to know is that assaults and abductions by strangers are rarer than those committed by adults that children know.
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For working parents, it does take a bit more effort to manage the daily care, teaching and planning required to homeschool. But if you are dedicated to the idea of homeschooling, you can make it work.

So you've decided to start a blog! While blogging is certainly not rocket science, there are a few things you do need to know about how to blog effectively and how to set up a blog site. Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can start a blog, but if you want your blog to stand out from the crowd, it helps to do your homework first.

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