8 Ways to Beat Crows Feet

As we grow older, small wrinkles appear around our eyes. Commonly called crows feet or laugh lines, these wrinkles are bothersome little reminders of aging. Crows feet can be prevented and reduced with some simple measures. Here are a few suggestions for the prevention and treatment of crows feet.

1. Avoid sun exposure. In the summertime, it's imperative to wear sunscreen and sunglasses. This simple measure will prevent squinting which contributes to the crows feet around the eyes.

2. Live a healthy lifestyle. Smoking and drinking are huge contributing factors to wrinkles. Eating a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains will make your skin smoother and more elastic. Drinking a lot of water will also help your skin stay healthy.

3. Exercise. Stress is a major contributor to wrinkles on the face. Daily exercise will eliminate stress and give you an overall sense of well being. Thus wrinkles and crows feet will be minimized.

4. Try over-the-counter creams. No cream can eliminate wrinkles entirely, but there are minimal benefits from using the anti-wrinkling creams. Daily use of eye cream can moisturize the skin around the eye, which needs moisture since it doesn't produce its own oil, like the rest of your skin does.

5. Explore collagen injections. Collagen is a filler that will smooth out the skin around the eye. This is a temporary measure, and results will depend upon your skin and other factors.

6. Consider Botox. The treatment causes a slight paralysis of the muscles around the eye. The weak muscles relax and make the skin appear smooth and wrinkle-free. These treatments last about three months.

7. Try laser resurfacing treatments. Laser resurfacing treatments remove the outer layer of skin creating a smoother, tighter skin around the eye. It can also eliminate age spots and other imperfections.

8. Visit an acupuncturist. In acupuncture, clusters of tiny needles are placed into the skin around the eyes. Acupuncturists also will advise acupuncture treatment of the shoulders, neck and arms to reduce stress in the body in general.

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