Liquid Collagen Injections

Liquid collagen injections plump thin lips, but this cosmetic procedure isn't for everyone. Consider the facts first and discuss your options with a qualified plastic surgeon.

While collagen lip injections will last longer than the plumping beauty products you pick up at the drugstore, it isn't a permanent solution. The treatment can last anywhere between four weeks to three months and patients usually get a touch up two or three times annually. While many think of it as an instant and easy solution, it actually requires a fair amount of maintenance if you like the result.

The filler that your doctor injects is usually collagen that comes from cows. There is a risk for allergic reaction, but your doctor will test you first. Your doctor will inject the formula at the edge of your lips to literally fill them to plump them up. The procedure is fairly quick and you'll be able to go home once it's done. Most injections have an anesthetic built in so you might not need a separate painkiller. However, you may have swelling and bruising for a few days.

While collagen injections can be a good and natural looking solution for some, you've probably seen the mistakes of Hollywood starlets who go too far to get full lips. So choose your surgeon carefully and discuss what you want the end result to be and what your doctor expects to see.

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