Neck Exercises for Firming

Neck exercises may lack scientific data to back them up, but the non-toxic and non-invasive technique can be appealing as an experiment. The theory behind the technique is comparable to building muscles in your body to improve tone; you can strengthen the muscles in your face, and doing so may keep them taut and prevent sagging. One front runner in the facial exercise field is Eva Fraser. She's been promoting a sequence of movements for several years and, at 80 years old, she looks like she's reaping the benefits of her labor.

As with any workout, you need to stick with the neck exercises and do them regularly for the effect to work. Here are a few movements to try:

Stick your tongue out: Sit upright and push your tongue down toward your chin. Hold for a count of 10. Relax, then repeat 10 times.

Exaggerated pout: Sit upright with your head tilted back. Move your lower lip over your upper lip in a pout and hold for 5 counts. Do this 5 times.

Look up and chew: Sit upright, tilt your head back and look to the sky. With your lips closed, make a few chewing motions. Repeat 20 times.

Tongue to thumb: Hold your thumb under your chin bone. With your mouth closed, press your tongue down toward your gums pretending to touch your thumb.

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