Types of Brown Birthmarks

Brown birthmarks are some of the most common birthmarks out there. Often, a person with such a mark will have a patch of skin that has a darker pigmentation than the other skin or will have something a lot like a mole on her body. The following includes some information about the most common types of brown birthmarks.

One of the most common kinds of brown birthmarks is the café au lait spot. These items are flat and can pop up nearly anywhere on the body: from the scalp to a foot to a leg or arm. The spots are coffee-colored, hence their name, and people can have a single spot or many spots around their body. In fact, more people than not have these dermatology spots on their skin. Though these birthmarks are permanent, they are so common and often discreet that folks often don't even notice or care if they have them.

Another type of brown birthmarks is congenital pigmented nevi. These birthmarks are moles that can appear nearly anywhere on the body. They range from light brown to dark brown in color. A congenital pigmented nevi may start out small and light-colored, but it can darken and grown. It is important to monitor such birthmarks because the moles may be a sign that something is wrong with your body. For example, growing moles are often a sign of cancer. If you or your doctor decides to remove the moles, the surgical procedure is easy, common and often even performed on an outpatient basis.

When it comes to brown birthmarks, you should stay on the lookout for them. Some birthmarks are present from birth and will remain the same size whereas others can darken and even grow with time. If you or your child has a brown birthmark that appears to darken or grow, it pays to talk to your doctor. 

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