Ideas for Body Art Designs

There is no end to the body art designs available for people who want to paint their skin. From teenagers with mock tattoos to naked people with faux clothes, the art of body painting knows no limits.

Temporary Body Art Mediums
There are cheap body painting crayons, paints and markers available for simple pieces of art. They are the easiest to use and last the shortest amount of time. For complex pieces of art, there are airbrush paints. For durable, but simple pieces of art, there are latex paints. For long-lasting and monotone pieces of art, there are pigment paints. The most popular pigment paint is henna, which is used in Mehndi, a traditional skin-painting art that can stain the skin for weeks.

Body Art Ideas for Adults
Extreme: If you're looking for some extreme body painting ideas, try going wild with airbrushed animal art. Just slip on a tight swimsuit, and have your entire body painted with lizard scales, snake markings, tiger stripes or leopard spots. If you want something shocking, have muscle tissue painted to make you look skinless or blood-flecked white skin painted to make you look ghoulish.

Large: If you want something to decorate large patches of skin, such as limbs, intricate henna designs can cover anything from the tip of a finger to an entire arm. Basic dot and line patterns work best with henna. If you prefer some color, you could have a butterfly airbrushed across your stomach, angel wings on your back or a snake circling around your leg. It's even possible to have a Picasso painting re-created on an old man's beer belly.

Small: If you're looking for a small piece of temporary body art, paint a colorful chain of flowers around your wrist or ankle. Try black tribal designs on your bicep, shoulder, chest or calf. Have a lizard, fish, bird or snake painted anywhere. Create a fancy half-mask across your eyes for a masquerade ball or a spider web across your neck for a Halloween party.

Body Art Ideas for Pregnant Women
Pregnant women who want to show off their bellies have the perfect prominent palette for painting. The two most popular pieces for pregnant bellies are butterflies and flowers. A colorful butterfly painted across your belly emphasizes the transformational experience of pregnancy. Painting a blooming rose, a patch of sunflowers or a bouquet of lilies across your stomach creates a beautiful representation of the child you're carrying.

If you want a humorous design to paint on your pregnant belly, try a fun face. Have a clown face, cat face, doll face or cartoon face painted on your round stomach. Whatever design you choose, it's important to research the exact paint required and make sure it is safe to use during pregnancy.

Body Art Ideas for Children
The most popular ideas for creating temporary children's body art are face painting and cheek painting. Top face painting designs include a dog face, a zombie face, an alien face, a lion face, a tiger face, a clown face, a doll face and a bear face. Cheek painting can create any little picture. Rainbows, animals, flowers, balloons, butterflies, robots, bloody wounds, sports team logos and cartoon characters are always popular ideas. 

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By learning some body art history, you'll realize that the designs painted on your body are part of a long and proud tradition in many cultures.

Temporary body art can be created from many materials, and design methods can vary, so you'll need to get familiar with each process before you choose how you want to apply your body art.

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