How Long Does Botox Last

How long does Botox last? The easy answer is that Botox, a purified toxin popular for temporary wrinkle reduction, usually lasts about four months. However, there are many factors that can come into play when trying to determine how long a Botox treatment will last on you, personally.

Initial treatments
Age, health, body type, weight, type of treatment and treatment location can all affect how long a Botox treatment will last. Deep wrinkles and strong muscles will cause the Botox to wear off faster than shallow wrinkles and weak muscles. So, unfortunately, the more you need the treatment for severe wrinkles, the faster it will wear off.

How the Botox was mixed and stored by the cosmetic surgeons before your treatment can affect how long the results will last. Exactly how the Botox is injected can also affect how long it will last. These are just a few of the many reasons going to a reliable physician is so important for safe, lasting, quality Botox treatments.

Botox does not start and stop suddenly, so figuring out how long a treatment will last is difficult. The effects start to take place a few days after treatment, then slowly wear off. The wrinkles that were hidden slowly re-appear as the toxin dissolves. After about three months the effects will usually begin to wear off and at four months be totally gone.

Long term treatments
If you are receiving repeated Botox treatments, it will tend to last longer. This is not always a good sign though. Repeatedly freezing a muscle will slowly weaken it, making it thin. This creates less resistance to the freezing, making the treatments last longer. It also can result in severely weakened muscle, though. 

When it comes to long term treatments Botox is certainly a viable option. However for the price and effort, you could also choose some of the more permanent wrinkle filling or erasing options available to you. 

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