Ceramic Braces Benefits

Ceramic braces continue to be a popular choice for many children - and the adults who find that they need braces. Ceramic braces apply gentle pressure on the teeth to force them to move into the desired position. Learning the advantages of ceramic braces will help patients make the best choice for their own personal experience.

Ceramic brackets are very strong. They rarely dislodge from the tooth and are considered just as strong as metal brackets. The brackets are sealed on using a plasma light and a very strong adhesive. This bond makes it very rare that a ceramic bracket will come loose, although it can happen. In that case, a quick visit to the orthodontist results in the reattachment of the ceramic bracket.

The ceramic brackets for braces come in a tooth color, so that their appearance is minimized on the teeth. The days of a mouth full of silver are gone; today's ceramic brackets are subtle and smaller than ever. The ceramic brackets are stain-resistant as well, so they won't become discolored over time.

Many patients believe that ceramic brackets are a more comfortable option than the metal ones. They report less irritation to the gums and lips with ceramic brackets, even though they are slightly bigger than their metal counterparts.

Ceramic braces have the option to be colored, which is appealing to children seeking to incorporate a bit of fun into wearing braces. Ceramic braces can have colored ties and gives the patient's mouth a flash of color. Patients can choose from among different shades, such as magenta, pink and turquoise. The ties can be changed at each orthodontist visit, so kids can change the colors to suit their mood.

Ceramic braces are often more cost effective when compared to some other braces options, such as Invisalign, although they are more costly than metal brackets. The nationwide average for standard ceramic braces is around $5,000. Most orthodontists will arrange installment payments, and many dental insurance plans cover around 50 percent of the total cost of braces, including ceramic.

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